I came across a very interesting theory today, and it’s the physics theory of biocentrism, which is odd but actually makes sense!

So a physicist came up with this theory, which can basically explain what happens after death. So first, something to keep in mind is that every living thing experiences the world a little differently, for example, dogs can only see black and white and have an excellent sense of smell, cats cannot taste sugar but can taste ATP, and the mantis shrimp has the best eyesight in the entire animal kingdom.  So how we interpret everything around us (time and space) is based on our senses, and how we are interpreting our world is through our brain, alive because of an energy within us. And one of the most basic things that we know from physics is that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. This leads us to death. So if energy cannot be destroyed, then our energy technically still exists after death, but we no longer have a medium through which we can interact with the world. We will no longer be able to see, hear, feel, think… we won’t remember anything from our lives because we no longer have a brain to retrieve that information.

Another idea that comes into play then is the idea of parallel universes: we are only able to see our current universe because of our interpretation of time and space, but who knows if there might be more out there that we cannot see? Maybe after death, we will be free to go to another universe and start anew there. Anyway, I thought that it was a pretty neat theory so I just wanted to share it with everyone.

Whew~ bedtime for me. It’s starting to get reallyyyy hot in Taiwan though, and October (when it’ll finally cool down) feels so far away)… I need new clothes! Summer time!

Happy Mother’s Day

First Mother’s Day in Taiwan in 10 years, and MM and  I celebrated by taking mom and grandma to Cafe Marche for lunch.

Grandma was very happy to learn that I’ll only be working until the end of the month. It feels so weird though; now that I’ll finally be leaving my current job, I feel like I’m actually going to miss my boss. I know he can be a prick sometimes and do unconventional things, but after Mom wrote him the message, he actually responded today! I feel like he is honestly a good father, and if it wasn’t for his extremely picky and perfectionist personality, I’m sure his secretaries would have all stayed longer.


An ending is just the start of another beginning. 3 more weeks…


After much persistence and an email from Mom, the boss has finally agreed to let me leave at the end of the month. I have 3 weeks to tie up some loose ends, and then I can say good bye to this place. I’ll still meet up with coworkers if they ever have lunch or dinner gatherings though, and even though I’ll miss them, I know that I’m making the right choice in leaving. :)

Another happy news is that my baby cousin was born yesterday! He’s the youngest child in our family since my sister used to be the youngest; all of our other cousins are older. I’m going to visit him and my aunt-in-law tomorrow after Mother’s Day lunch! Uncle asked us to help come up with his English name. I can’t wait to meet him tomorrow!


Dreading work

I dread the thought of going to work these days. Yesterday I sent in a resignation email, and today I told my boss in person. I lied about why I was leaving because I thought it would be easier than saying his work atmosphere and benefits suck. He keeps trying to persuade me to stay, and asked if I was lying and actually just found another job in Taiwan. Argh… It’s going to be an uphill battle from here, but the earlier he can accept the truth and find a replacement, the better. I hate resigning because the process is always so arduous, but the outcome is always worth it. Let’s try this again tomorrow.

Cafe Marche

Yesterday I had pasta dinner at Cafe Marche. The reservation was at 630 but I didn’t get out of the office until 630… So I made MM wait until 710. X-x I made up for it by buying dessert! (I couldn’t buy dinner because MM bought a Groupon) V tagged along as well because I worked overtime and ruined his plans to play tennis. The food was amazing though and everyone was full and happy by the end of the evening!

Truffle mushroom pasta in cream sauce:


Chicken Risotto:


Shrimp pasta:




Raspberry mousse:



Everything was so tasty! It was our first time having souffle, and the raspberry dessert was really unique! The sponge-looking thing was pistachio sponge cake! The raspberry globe was icy and sour, with soft chocolate mousse inside. :) It wasn’t cheap though; it was the most expensive dessert on the menu at NTD350.

MM and I are planning to take mom and grandma there for mother’s day!


I saw the movie “The Amazing Spiderman 2” in theatres today, and it was so good! I’m planning to see X-men next ( it’ll be in theatres in 3 weeks). It’s so fun to find Stan Lee in the Marvel series, and the Easter Eggs after the ending credits are always fun as well. I never thought I’d like super heroes, but now I think they’re pretty cool!