Dad’s creation

My dad has really gotten into baking these days. The thing with my dad is that once he decides that he likes to bake/make something, he’ll keep making the same thing until he gets tired of it. He went through a soy milk phase (that one is on and off now), and went through a mantou phase, sponge cake phase, and meat bun phase.. Now he’s decided to bake bread.

I must say that the bread he bakes tastes delicious! It’s amazing because he doesn’t refer to any recipes. It’s mostly trial and error on his end, and trusting in his instincts. My mom said that we’re not going to buy bread from the stores anymore because there are always additives in those breads.. (Sad face.. I love Taiwan’s breads!)

Dad’s creation: whole wheat bread with walnuts, cranberries, and raisins. Yum!


Rum&Raisin Meltykiss

Rum&Raisin Meltykiss

Sis surprised me yesterday by giving me a box of rum&raisin Meltykiss by Meiji! I love rum raisin flavored things. Ice-cream, pocky.. Too bad the rum raisin flavored pocky was a time limited flavor. It was so good!

Meltykiss sure is some expensive chocolate though.. Only 4 tiny bars in the box and it costed around $4CAD. After eating just one bite though, I have to admit that it is well worth that high price. The chocolate was rich, smooth and creamy with a soft center complete with rum filling and rum-soaked raisins. 3.7% alcohol makes for a very strong chocolate!

Sweet from the chocolate and bitter from the rum.. A bittersweet moment.