My first winter vacation in 5 years

The past two and a half weeks were my first official school-related winter break in five years. I go back to school tomorrow to start my second semester. I still can’t believe that I’ve been out of school for five years, but now I’m back doing a Master’s program! Last year at around this time, I was doing my admissions interview, and now, I am busy applying for summer internships. It’s funny where life takes you – I would never have imagined myself coming back to school after I finished my BSc but here I am, doing my Master’s AND back in Canada.

I had a productive winter break – went to Montreal and Quebec City (at the coldest time too, -20C plus wind is not to be messed around with), applied for internships (hoping to hear back soon), and got lots of sleep. I also had time to do some cooking, which is something I want to master while I’m not living at home. Today, I made lotus root and pork soup. Nothing fancy; just a simple soup, a taste of home, on a cold winter day.


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