First Snow

So silently
Snow flakes fall
Blanketing the earth in a white shawl
The winter winds blow the snow relentlessly
Under the street lamp they look
Like white feathers
I squint and stare into the night
Is there someone in the distance?
Then the snow swirls in the wind again
Nothing there
It is just my imagination

The snow storm last night

Victoria Frances

I recently came upon a puzzle that depicted a really pretty drawing. It was drawn by Victoria Frances. She draws such pretty people and the dresses and clothes that she draw all look so exquisite.. I wish to be able to draw like her as well. I really can’t draw people though. Her drawings all have romanticized gothic themes and even though some of them are a bit bloody, I really like a few of them including the one titled “Butterfly”.

Tonight I walked home in this winter’s first snowfall. It was pretty, but extremely cold. The flakes fell from the sky like down. They say that this winter will be a cold one with plenty of snow. I hope that it won’t ruin the Harrison hot springs trip this Christmas break.

"Butterfly" by Victoria Frances

A Craving for Poutine


NY Fries' Poutine

Term 1 is almost over~ Only 2 more weeks remaining! Then finals..

I should be preparing for my lab tomorrow but I am slacking right now. I have been craving poutine for the longest time. I had the one from the Burger Shack at UBC last week.. sadly it only slightly resembled the real thing. They used shredded cheese instead of cheese curds. : ( I want cheese curds~ Frankly speaking, I think I am addicted to cheese.

I can’t believe I actually went through with one entire year of biochemistry last year. I am so glad that I switched out of that major and gone into animal biology instead. I mean.. what was I even thinking when I chose “Biochemistry” instead of “Biology” as one of my top 3 major choices at the end of first year? The reason why I chose to study science in the first place is for the animals. Now that I am doing something that I have a passion for, school has become so enjoyable! Let’s just hope that my grades will be able to reflect that too..