Cheesecake Etc.

The first thing that I noticed about Cheesecake Etc. was that it had strange hours: 7pm-1am. So when most of the restaurants are getting ready to close, Cheesecake Etc. is just getting ready to serve some late-night customers who are looking for something to satisfy their sweet tooth after dinner.

It was really dark inside the restaurant, and after my eyes have adjusted to the dim lighting, I saw that it was actually very spacious inside. The place was filled with wooden tables and chairs, and there was jazz music playing from the speakers. I saw a piano in the middle of the restaurant too, but there was no live music on the night that I went.

I expected the place to serve alcoholic beverages sinec it was a late-night place after all, but surprisingly it had none. The menu offered a selection of cheesecakes, coffee, tea, and they even had “non-alcoholic” beer! I wonder how that tastes like?

It was a cold evening when I went to Cheesecake Etc., and when I requested for hot water, the server told me that they didn’t have hot water.. they only have hot water with lemon which costs $2.50. I didn’t understand why they didn’t have straight up hot water if they have hot water + lemon. Hmm…

Everybody at our table ordered the original cheesecake with strawberries, and I was quite excited to try mine! The last time I had an original cheesecake with strawberries was at The Cheesecake Factory in Seattle (So good!).

Original cheesecake with strawberries – $5.75

Cheesecake Etc.’s original cheesecake with strawberries tasted creamy, and it was soft and not too heavy. I was a bit disappointed that the strawberries came as a sauce rather than as whole strawberries (like at The Cheesecake Factory), but it was still delicious nonetheless! This cheesecake was a bit different than the ones served at other places, because it doesn’t come with the graham crust. I was fine with that though, since the crust has never been my favourite anyway.

Cheesecake Etc. specializes in one thing, and they do it well. I think that their cheesecakes taste better than the ones at “True Confections”, because Cheesecake Etc.’s cakes are not too heavy nor too sweet. The next time I’m craving cheesecake in Vancouver, I’ll know where to go!
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More W.E. Coffee

A few weeks ago I went back to W.E. Coffee for a second time to use up the coupons that I bought from Indulge Living. I went with A, M and J on a sunny afternoon to relax and eat some yummy food. We noticed some differences immediately upon arrival at the restaurant. Before, the server would lead us to a table and give us menus then take our orders. However, that has all changed. We must now go up by ourselves to the counter and give our orders and pay before we get our food. I don’t like this new change all that much.

I didn’t really have a proper lunch when I got there even though it was 2pm already. So first I ordered a panini to share with M. We got the smoked turkey panini. It came with smoked turkey breast, basil pesto, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, provolone cheese and dijon mustard on ciabatta bread.

Smoked turkey panini ($8.99)

A close-up of the smoked turkey panini

This was my first time having a panini. It also came with a salad on the side. It was extremely delicious! The panini tasted very flavorful and the bread was nicely toasted and had a nice crunch to it. The ingredients were really fresh and worked together perfectly. I thought that the vinaigrette used in the salad was a bit too sour for my liking though but I still polished off the entire plate with M.

J and A both got the tuna salad and fresh vegetables waffle:

Tuna and vegetable waffle Full ($12.99)

Tuna and vegetable waffle Half ($7.99)

A wanted to get the red bean green tea waffle at first. The first time that we came, the waitress told us that there was a new waffle flavour that has not been added onto the menu yet: red bean green tea. However, I guess it was not too popular so they no longer serve it! That was too bad. I think red bean and green tea taste great together.. especially on a waffle.

After the panini, M and I got the Strawberries and Ice Cream waffle for dessert:

Strawberries and ice cream waffle Full ($12.99)

A close-up of the strawberries, ice-cream and custard.

This is my favourite waffle flavour. Not just at W.E. Coffee, but just in general. There is just something about strawberries and waffles that I really enjoy. I prefer sweet waffles over savory ones as well.

All in all I must say that it was a very enjoyable and tasty experience. However, I think that W.E. Coffee is a bit pricey. However, a once-in-awhile indulgence is always nice!

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WE. Coffee

Ever since eating the best waffles I have ever had in Taiwan’s 咖啡弄 (Coffee alley),I really wanted to find somewhere in Canada that also served good waffles. I finally got the opportunity when IndulgeLiving offered 50% off coupons to this fairly new cafe, called WE. Coffee (1696 Robson St.). I couldn’t wait to try the place out and so when mommy came to visit from Taiwan, sis and I both saw that as the perfect opportunity to pay this place a visit.

We were immediately attracted by the displays even before going into the cafe. The large window display showcased a vintage coffee machine of sorts as well as plastic models of their foods including waffles, sandwiches and croissants.

Window display

Walking into the cafe, we were pleased to see a simple yet classy place, complete with decor based on a black and white theme. The servers were attentive, and everything looked sparkling clean. Even the restroom was pretty!

The interior of WE. Coffee

We decided to order half of the tuna salad & fresh vegetables waffle and half of the strawberries & ice cream waffle as well as a medium cup of mocha latte.

Half Strawberries & Ice Cream Waffle $7.99

The waffles were freshly made and is truly a delight for any strawberry lovers. It was flavourful, not too sweet, and with just enough fruits and cream to finish half the waffle. Half a waffle was the perfect amount for me. Not too little and not too much.

Half Tuna Salad & Fresh Vegetables Waffle $7.99

This is the tuna salad waffle that my mom ordered. She prefers savory over sweet. What she liked the most about this was the horseradish. I thought that the vegetables were very fresh; the cucumbers were crisp and the tuna did not taste too fishy. I preferred the strawberry one over this however, as I am more of a sweets person.

Medium Mocha Latte $4.35

The mocha latte came in a bone-china Wedgewood cup. My mom really enjoyed this drink. I had a little sip and was happy to find out that it did not have an acidic taste. There was no sugar added which was exactly how my mom liked it. There was a little jar of sugar cubes on the table for those who wish to add some sweetness to their hot beverages, but we didn’t end up needing them. I don’t know too much about coffee, but from my mom’s description, it was excellent.

Compared to Coffee Alley in Taiwan, I still have to say that Coffee Alley is better than WE. Coffee. They are equal in taste, with basically the same toppings for both the strawberry and the tuna waffles. However, Coffee Alley takes the gold for value but WE. Coffee wins by a little for ambiance. It is certainly a nice place to catch up with an old friend or just for a relaxing afternoon, enjoying a waffle while browsing the net using their wifi.


Service 8/10
Ambiance 9/10
Value 7/10

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Strawberry Season

今天感覺很開心。 早上考了期末考,現在正式得放暑假了~ :) 希望考個高分,明年能進動物系。

爸爸昨天買了2大盒的草莓。 已經是草莓季了嗎? 我想去Richmond摘草莓。 去年夏天8月多的時候有摘藍莓,其實我也想摘櫻桃,可是附近好像都沒有櫻桃果園。 (最近的聽説是在Maple Ridge?)

反正講到草莓,想要跟大家分享一件事~ 草莓又甜又好吃。 大家都喜歡吃;連蟲蟲也愛。 所以農藥很多! (謝謝媽咪給的Info~)


今天的陽光真溫暖~ Everybody having fun? :D