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Favorites include: One, Photograph, and Afire Love.

1- 0:05 One
2 – 4:18 I’m a Mess
3 – 8:22 Sing
4 – 12:17 Don’t
5 – 15:57 Nina
6 – 19:43 Photograph
7 – 24:02 Bloodstream
8 – 29:03 Tenerife Sea
9 – 33:04 Runaway
10 – 36:30 The Man
11 – 40:41 Thinking Out Loud
12 – 45:20 Afire Love

Taichung Trip – Dec. ’14

I’m waiting for the HSR back to Taipei now after I spent the weekend in Taichung with Sis, WY, and CF. As my train doesn’t come for another 50 minutes, I am killing the time by using the free laptops provided in the HSR station while charging Sis’s cellphone battery… Long story short, Sis and CF left Taichung early because they were tired/cold, and WY is staying in Taichung tonight as he has to work nearby tomorrow. Sis needed my e-ticket to take an earlier train, so I was left with her phone that was running low on battery, and unable to charge with a regular charger (the battery has to be charged separately because the connector broke). As I needed the phone to work in order to use the e-ticket to get back to Taipei, you can imagine how stressed out I was with an almost-dead phone. Thankfully the HSR station had a charging station complete with 4 laptops equipped with free internet (whoever came up with the brilliant idea of adding charging stations to HSR and MRT stations in Taiwan, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!).

The original plan was to visit Taichung yesterday, then Changhwa (Lukang) today, but we left the hostel too late this morning, and as CF didn’t know the way to Lukang  (we rented two scooters), it would’ve taken too long to travel to and from Lukang, so we decided to stay in Taichung instead.

Yesterday we visited Luce Church in Donghai University; the church is a popular site for wedding photographers, then had lunch at this 3D-printing factory. In the evening, we visited Eslite Taichung, then had dinner with Sophia at this Halloween-themed restaurant. There are so many themed restaurants in Taichung, and a lot of dessert shops! Sis and I are considering moving there in the future… Life feels more relaxed in Taichung, and housing is more affordable, even though prices have soared in the past couple of years too. Sigh, housing prices are ridiculous in Taiwan.

Luce Chapel

Luce Church





Dinner at Pumpkin House, Taichung

Dinner at Pumpkin House, Taichung

Today, we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant, then went for dessert at “La Famille”, a beautiful French patisserie. Their affogato (espresso poured over a scoop of their madacascar vanilla gelato) was amazing! Afterwards, we walked around a small alley and visited many vintage boutiques (we actually went last night but because we spent so long talking to the manager of a leather shop, by the time we left, the other stores had all closed). Then Sis and CF left first, and WY and I had a quiche with ginger black tea, and then I left for the HSR.

My train is going to arrive soon, so I’ll end my post for now. “In the Woods” will keep me company until I arrive in Taipei.

Nom nom chocolates!

Merry Christmas and happy new year, everybody!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and also the season to eat chocolates. I finally had time last night, so I made some chocolates: cookies and cream, and earl grey dark chocolate truffles. I bought some silicon molds, so I had fun with that. But I messed up the ratio for my truffles and ended up doubling the recipe to make up for that little boo-boo, which meant that I ended up with double the amount of chocolates and lots of leftover ganache (I gave it to Angel for her to get creative and incorporate it into a cake or something). When my dad knew that I was going to melt down chocolates to make my own chocolates, he said I have problems. Oh well, I still think that these chocolates are unique creations. :) I gave out chocolates to the colleagues on my team this morning, and it was smiles and happiness all around~

Work has been relaxing for the past couple of days because most of our clients (all foreign) are away on Christmas holiday, so for the most part, I’m just sitting in front of my computer reading the news or doing miscellaneous stuff. I only had one new email in my inbox this morning (and it was the daily news that my company sends out everyday), which is quite a difference from the usual 15 or so that I get every morning on average.

December has been a crazy busy month for me (not with work, but with personal things). There were many celebration events (Christmas, sis’ birthday) among other things. I’m going down to Taichung for the weekend with Sis, WY, and CF, then going to Beijing to visit my uncle’s family and my grandma on New Year’s day.

I have been in weekend mode since yesterday, so I am counting down to 5:30pm already! Tonight will be a relaxing reading night at WY’s favourite bar. Tana French’s “In the Woods” is such a page-turner!