Wintertime Beach and Wharf Day

WY has been working a lot of overtime since January started, so he wanted to get away from the city and recharge this past weekend before another busy week started. So away we went to the beach at Laomei (老梅) in Shimen District.

We rode WY’s scooter there, and was it ever cold! So our first stop was to “Old Place” (老地方) restaurant for some hot lunch.

10917211_10205198152211265_4675492764675619483_oThen off to the beach we go~


This beach is interesting in that it’s not just sandy, but instead there are these finger-like rocky protrusions where the sand usually meets the water. After doing some research online (link), I found out that these are actually reefs formed by wave-cut volcanic lava. I saw a few tidal pools, but the waves were too strong and water too cold, so I didn’t see any wildlife other than algae and seaweed. Other than that, I also came across 10+ dead pufferfish and a lot of garbage. There were mini pieces of garbage everywhere, and they were strewn in the sand like colourful confetti, which ruined the otherwise perfect beach.


Afterwards, when it became too unbearably cold, we had to end our walk on the beach (wind on our faces, bundled up like eskimos; very romantic) and headed to Fuji Harbour (富基漁港). There was a marketplace by the harbour that sold fresh seafood (fish, crab, clams), and it would have been a fun sight to see except that as it was a cold weekend so there weren’t many customers to begin with, every single market stall tried to get us to stop at their stall to purchase or eat seafood (they can prepare the seafood that you buy there for a nominal fee), so we had to get out of there. We ended up walking to the harbour and looked at the boats.


Afterwards, we stopped by a temple (關渡宮) before heading back to Taipei to catch the 8pm showing of “Hobbit 3”. I must say that I was a bit disappointed by “Hobbit 3″… They should have filmed one movie instead of 3 for “The Hobbit”. It did answer a lot of questions for LOTR though.1518534_10205198188852181_8292840931115121181_o

Overall, I thought that it was a fantastic day and even though I was chilled to the bones by the end, it made me really happy to get away from the city. Sometimes, a walk on a windy beach is just what’s needed to blow away the city dust and all its worries.

All photos are courtesy of WY. If you would like to see more Danbo and follow his adventures, feel free to check out his fan page here: Alon and World.