Today I went to Panos near Dongmen station for lunch with CF and MM. Panos is a coffee chain store in Belgium (according to MM, there are over 400 stores in Belgium!), and they have brunch items, sandwiches, pasta, salad, and smoothies. It’s interesting to point out that the smoothie flavours at this particular restaurant were created by the lady who opened up the famous mango ice on Yong Kang St. She’s also a major shareholder of Panos Taipei! Another fact pointed out by MM during our visit. She sure knows a lot of random but interesting facts. :)

Overall I found the food and place to be alright, but the service was horrible. It took them 40 minutes to make MM and my Paninis. Even the group that came after us got their order first! I won’t be back.

CF’s tuna brunch:


My cheese panini:


MM’s smoked chicken panini:


It was nice to see CF after not seeing him for over a month! Even though the meal was disappointing, the conversations we had were certainly far from that.

The end of another relaxing and fun weekend; I’m now ready to face another week of work!


So on Sunday my family went out for lunch with another family (the Pan’s) because my dad wanted my sister and me to make more friends (and of course it’s his ultimate hope that they’ll become more than friends).

The lunch was at this Chinese restaurant, with those circular tables that spin. I don’t really like those restaurants because I’m so used to the Western style of eating, and I find the spinning tables to be a hassle.

Anyway, so the other family consisted of mom, dad, 2 sons, and a daughter (but the daughter didn’t come because she was busy). I’m just glad that my dad gets along so well with the other dad. It’s nice that my dad had a good time at lunch.

So after the round of introductions, the other family’s dad (I’m going to refer to him as Mr. Pan) said: “Oh, for Chinese New Year, my only wish is that my two sons here find girlfriends!” I must admit that even though I thought matchmaking is outdated and old-fashioned, I wouldn’t mind becoming his son’s friends. They are impressive in that they both graduated from the best school in Taiwan (NTU – National Taiwan University), one with a PhD, and the other now works for the government after getting the job through one of the toughest exams in Taiwan. Many people dream of getting that job and prepare years for it, but never getting it.

Throughout the whole lunch we kids didn’t talk to the Pan’s kids. That was okay though. I had fun kicking my sister’s foot when she said it fell asleep and occasionally making small talk with the parents. After the meal, we exchanged Line and Facebook and the like, and that was it! I was happy for the chance to meet more people since my social circle in Taiwan is very tiny, and even though I didn’t really get a chance to talk to the Pan brothers, they seem like honest people (one is 26 and the other is 29) and are good at studying, and also very quiet. I can see why my dad would like them though – their futures are solidly stable and financially secure. Every traditional Asian parent’s dream come true. I just want to make more friends.

聚 – A Gathering

I went out for lunch with my uncle and aunt-in-law today because they’ll be flying back to Beijing on Tuesday. We had hot pot at 聚, another company owned by 王品集團. So far I have been to 4 of 王品集團’s restaurants (王品, 原燒, 陶板屋, 聚), and they have all been great! My favourite part is that it’s one price for the meal and you get the whole set: appetizer, main, drink, side dish, dessert, another drink at the end…

聚is a hot pot restaurant that uses Japanese kelp soup base. I chose the milky kelp broth and it was so good!


It was really nice to hang out so much with uncle this time, because in previous years, I hardly ever got to see him seeing that he was always working in Beijing and I was studying in Vancouver. Having family feels awesome. :)

On a side note, I have to attend an awkward lunch tomorrow. Dad thought that it’d be hilarious to play matchmaker, and arranged for our family to go have lunch with a family that he met through a lady that sells sweet potatoes downstairs. Anyway, they have a son who’s not married. Dad likes him because he has a PhD. It’s going to be an interesting lunch… I can’t wait.

New Year Lunch with the extended family

Today I visited grandma for New Year’s, and to wish our new aunt-in-law a very happy new year. :) The weather is so lovely today too. At first mom wanted to go to the zoo to visit the baby panda, but it’s already 2:30pm and the zoo closes at around 6pm, so we’re probably going to watch a movie in theatres later (maybe “Jack Reacher: Shadow Recruit”).

Happy Chinese New Year from my family to yours. :)


Eagles Buffet

Another long overdue post from my Portland trip.. the first lunch that I ate in the States! It was a buffet in Tulalip casino (in Seattle). I have heard a lot of good things about the food there. People have said that the food there was cheap and delicious; but then again, everything in the states is.

Long line-up to the buffet

We got there at 1:30pm, but the line-up was still as long as ever. The decorations on the ceiling were really beautiful too~

Eagles on a ceiling that looks like the sky

After a 15 minute wait, we finally got a seat. I was really excited by the large selection of food. They had everything, from pasta to salad to cakes. OmNom and I couldn’t help but try a bit of almost everything~ There is something for everyone here.

A large selection of food

OmNom's dish

My dish

Clam chowder

Salad and pizza

And last but not least, my favorite part in every buffet: dessert.


Red Velvet Cupcake

Delicious red velvet cupcake that was moist and soft. It was topped off with a nice portion of cream cheese icing. This cake was one of the most popular cakes there.

Cheesecake square

Their ice-cream section is a kid’s paradise, complete with a topping area and whipping cream and chocolate sauce pumps:

Toppings: sprinkles, chocolate chips, coconut..

My ice-cream sundae~ Complete with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and waffle bowl

Overall, Eagles Buffet offers a large selection of different food for a low price (only $11USD per adult!). I would go again if given the chance~
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