Guu with Garlic

On Wednesday, to celebrate Mochi’s birthday, we went to Guu with Garlic for dinner. At first we wanted to try the one in Gastown, but they didn’t have any oden or the kabocha koroke (my favorite~) so we opted for the one on Robson instead.

Entrance to Guu with Garlic

This is my second time at Guu with Garlic. The first time I went, I got a seat in the tatami area so I didn’t really get to see everything that was going on in the izakaya. This time we were actually lucky enough to get a seat at the bottom where all the action was! When I made a reservation, they had told me that there were no more seats in the bottom left, but I guess a space cleared up~ The only disappointing part of the night was that they had run out of kabocha koroke.. Oh well.. Next time then. :(

First up, we ordered a Guud Ale since Mochi really wanted to try it.

Guuud Ale $8.50

A glass of ale!

It tasted quite bitter to me. It was a bit stronger than the other beers that I have had. I can’t really comment on it too much since I’m not an expert in beer~ Half a glass was more than enough for me though! I prefer the sweet stuff.

Next up was the mochikin (sticky rice cake in a tofu bag):

Mochikin $2

This one is my favorite oden and as far as I know, only Guu offers it. The tofu bag really soaks up the flavorful soup and combined with the soft rice cake inside, it’s a match made in heaven.

Next, the beef tataki:

Beef tataki $5.20

This dish was amazing! The beef was lightly seared on the outside and raw on the inside. Then it was thinly sliced and served with ponzu sauce. It tasted slightly chewy and really flavorful.

Sashimi Salad $6.50

This is a must-have everytime I come to Guu. The assorted sashimi pieces always taste fresh and it’s a nice dish to order if you want a balanced diet of meat and veggies. There aren’t many veggie dishes at Guu, so this one is a very refreshing dish to have.

Takoyaki $4

The takoyaki’s here are special because they are deep fried. That makes the doughy shell slightly crispy on the outside, but nice and soft on the inside. The batter they use is also very delicious, and the octopus piece inside is big enough to taste (unlike the ones in Richmond night market).

Kimchi Udon $7.80

The udon tastes very chewy and it really mixed well with the fish roe and kimchi. I want to attempt and make this dish at home next time! I think this one tastes better than the yakiudon.

Kakuni $6.30

After reading about this dish on someone else’s blog that OmNom showed me, I wanted to try it as well! I thought that it was an interesting dish.. I didn’t really know how to eat it since the poached egg and the pork belly were just floating in the bowl of oil. The meat was very tender and tasted good with the steamed bun. However I didn’t really know how to eat the egg? If anyone can clarify this dish for me, please leave a comment!

Grilled Black Mackerel

This dish was on the special menu that changes all the time. I had it the last time I was eating at this location too! The chips on top are garlic chips which I thought was interesting (at first I thought they were dried banana slices!). This dish is slightly salty and would taste a lot better if eaten with white rice.

When it was time, we asked for the birthday cake. It took them a while to bring it up. At first we thought that they forgot about it, but after 10 minutes of waiting, suddenly the lights were turned off and the music stopped playing. Then they brought out the birthday cake! They also sang “Happy Birthday” with us too. It made the entire experience extra special. We gave them some mango pudding cake before we left!

Happy Birthday, Mochi! :)

Overall, I think Guu Thurlow still has a better selection of food (they have more things on the special menu too). However, I like the seating areas at Guu with Garlic better. There are more seats and it feels less crammed and so you feel less obligated to eat quickly and get out of there. However, the service at all the Guu locations are impeccable! I want to try their newest location next time: Kobachi on Denman!
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Eagles Buffet

Another long overdue post from my Portland trip.. the first lunch that I ate in the States! It was a buffet in Tulalip casino (in Seattle). I have heard a lot of good things about the food there. People have said that the food there was cheap and delicious; but then again, everything in the states is.

Long line-up to the buffet

We got there at 1:30pm, but the line-up was still as long as ever. The decorations on the ceiling were really beautiful too~

Eagles on a ceiling that looks like the sky

After a 15 minute wait, we finally got a seat. I was really excited by the large selection of food. They had everything, from pasta to salad to cakes. OmNom and I couldn’t help but try a bit of almost everything~ There is something for everyone here.

A large selection of food

OmNom's dish

My dish

Clam chowder

Salad and pizza

And last but not least, my favorite part in every buffet: dessert.


Red Velvet Cupcake

Delicious red velvet cupcake that was moist and soft. It was topped off with a nice portion of cream cheese icing. This cake was one of the most popular cakes there.

Cheesecake square

Their ice-cream section is a kid’s paradise, complete with a topping area and whipping cream and chocolate sauce pumps:

Toppings: sprinkles, chocolate chips, coconut..

My ice-cream sundae~ Complete with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and waffle bowl

Overall, Eagles Buffet offers a large selection of different food for a low price (only $11USD per adult!). I would go again if given the chance~
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Fit for Life

There is a store called “Fit for Life” across from Superstore in Metrotown. They share the space with another store that sells newspapers, magazines and candy bars so it can be kind of easy to miss at first. I first knew about it when Mochi told me about the great frozen yogurt that they served there so I had to try for myself!

Fit for Life

I went to try it out the first time when they first started serving up frozen yogurt. They usually sell sandwiches and salads but I guess they wanted to try something new. It used to be only $1 for a huge cup plus one free topping, but now it’s $1.49 for a cup and 49cents for each topping. It’s still a pretty good size for the price that you pay though!

They only serve original flavor yogurt; It tastes a bit tangy and not too sweet. I didn’t like how it was so melty though. Qoola’s yogurt is much better in my opinion. This one probably contains less probiotics than Qoola as well.

Frozen yogurt with strawberry topping $2

Overall, my favourite frozen yogurt is still Qoola (good mochi topping!) and the one from Ikea (cheap and yummy~Only a dollar).

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Teahouse in Stanley Park

Today JL and OmNom went for a biking marathon around the Stanley Park seawall while I went for afternoon tea at the Teahouse with Mochi. The plan was for them to do two laps, which should give us plenty of time for afternoon tea. However, we did not expect to walk to Teahouse from Denman street.. Which was what we actually ended up doing.
It wasn’t too bad. The view was great and the weather was lovely. It was quite a long walk though. I would say it’s 30 minutes one way? On the way there, we stopped for a little food break and we ate the delicious D+ yeast bread that I bought from Konbiniya yesterday (Hokkaido cream flavour).

Hokkaido Cream Natural Yeast Bread

Finally we arrived at Teahouse. By then it was already 6:00pm.. Afternoon tea? I think not. It felt more like dinner.

Entrance to Teahouse

There were 3 different seating areas there. One outdoor patio as seen in the photo, one darker room with red wood furniture (I didn’t get a picture of that!), as well as the sun room (the one we ate in).

Sun room in Teahouse

Mochi ordered an Okanagan Pear Cider, and I had a special drink, the “pick-me-up”. It was basically Bailey’s with espresso over ice.

Pear Cider $6

This drink tasted fizzy, with a hint of bitterness. It’s like drinking an alcoholic soda (7% alcohol). Mochi actually got a bit tipsy after having a glass!

Pick Me Up $7

This was my drink: the Bailey’s with espresso over ice. They even added a cherry inside! I thought that it was a pretty drink and tasted just like ice coffee (with a hint of alcohol inside, but not very strong though).

We were going to order a red velvet chocolate cake for dessert, but I chose to get something savory instead, so I ordered a Teahouse stuffed mushrooms. We also got complimentary bread.

Complimentary bread with whipped butter

The bread was steaming hot and tasted really fresh! The butter melted nicely on the bread. Mochi usually dislikes bread crust, but he actually liked the one on this bread. I think OmNom will really enjoy this bread too since she is such a bread person.

Teahouse Stuffed Mushrooms $12

I have never had stuffed mushrooms before, but I have heard many good things about them! So I wanted to try some today. Sadly, Mochi did not prefer this taste. He thought it was too creamy and too flavourful. (Sorry! Treat you to something good next time?)

I thought it tasted really good. The mushrooms were stuffed with crab and cream cheese. Topped off with fresh greens, it did not taste too heavy to me. But then again, I am a huge fan of anything creamy and cheesy.

Close-up of a stuffed mushroom

Overall I liked the ambiance of the restaurant, as well as the delicious bread and friendly service. The view was spectacular too!

Alas, after the “afternoon tea”, it was another 30 minutes walk back to Downtown.. There was a free shuttle bus that came every half an hour or so, but it didn’t take a route that was convenient for us. It is mostly a shuttle bus for people who need to get back to their Downtown hotels. It’s still a thoughful service though for those that aren’t from around here!

Beautiful Stanley Park

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The Boss Restaurant

I went to the Boss restaurant with OmNom and FanGirl for a very early dinner last month. I wasn’t really feeling hungry (I think I had a large lunch that day?) so I just ordered a snack.

I have been to the Boss a couple of times already. They are a Hong Kong style cafe and the food there is relatively inexpensive. If you go during dinner time, the service is really bad and the servers are all really grumpy (probably because they get so busy). When we went at 4:30pm though, there weren’t a lot of people dining inside, and the service we got was really good.

French Toast

I was craving french toast that day, so french toast was what I ordered! It was served with a small bowl of syrup and butter on the side. The toast was really tasty, and there was some kind of orange coloured paste in between the bread slices. I was kind of confused as to what it was at first. I thought it might be marmalade? But I think it was actually sweet potato paste! I have never had french toast like this before, so I thought it was an interesting twist to this standard dessert.

Red Bean Slush

OmNom ordered a drink. It wasn’t too sweet since she requested half sugar. The condensed milk on the top tasted really yummy (I can never resist condensed milk~). There was a lot of red bean inside as well and it mixed well with the milk and crushed ice.

Pasta with Beef and Tomato Sauce

Last but not least, this is FanGirl’s pasta. There were beef chunks and a bit of veggies inside as well (some corn, peas, carrots). It was a good dish and the portion was good too. The tomato sauce wasn’t really the kind that I was used to. I guess since it’s Hong Kong style, that was the reason for why it didn’t taste like the tomato sauce that you would get with an Italian style pasta. It tasted more like a thick ketchup!

I like the large selection at the Boss restaurant. The price is inexpensive and the food reflects that. If you are looking for a casual place for some Hong Kong style food, this would be a good place to start. Just don’t forget to bring some cash since this place is cash only!


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Boathouse (White Rock)

Last month I went to White Rock since the weather was so good. I don’t think I’ve ever been to White Rock.. At least, I have no recollection of it!

Anyway, there wasn’t much to do there except look at the white rock (where the city got its name from) and walk around. The city got its name from a large rock by the shore, coloured white from all the bird droppings that was on it.  Later on, people painted the rock with white paint so that it was completely white. At first I thought the rock was naturally white but thanks to Mochi’s explanation, I now know the real story behind the rock.

For dinner, we went to the Boathouse. It was a really big restaurant with three floors. The first floor was more like a bar so we walked up to the third floor where we could sit on the roof and enjoy the beautiful scenery and watch the sunset.

3pcs Pacific Cod & Chips $17.99

The fish tasted great when it was hot, but since we were sitting outdoors, it quickly cooled down and then it just tasted really greasy. The fries were sprinkled with sea salt and the salad was delicious! (More on the salad below) Other than that, there wasn’t anything special about this dish. The fish and chips tasted the same as any other place.

Wild Greens Salad $6.99

The fresh greens were topped with maple almond slices, cranberries and asagio cheese. It was actually the same as the side salad served with the fish and chips so if we had known, then we wouldn’t have ordered it. It was delicious nonetheless, and very healthy.

Prime NY Strip $39.99

This steak tasted really amazing, and the server told us that it is in the top 1% of world class beef! It was tender and cooked just right. Steak is one of my favourite foods in a Western restaurant. I enjoyed this dish immensely.

Bucket of Shrimp $13.99

This dish came with a vodka cocktail sauce to dip. The chilled shrimps tasted quite delicious and sweet. (I actually like it better without dipping it in the sauce!) I think that this is a good appetizer to share among two or three people.

Peach Cocktail

This drink was sweet from fresh peach juice but also a bit bitter from the alcohol. It’s very refreshing to drink in the summer. I haven’t had much alcohol so I can’t comment on how good it is. I thought it tasted just like peach juice but with a bit of a kick from the vodka at the end.

Fresh Oysters $1/pc after 9pm

This was by far my favourite dish for the night! After 9pm it was appy hour, and during then, oysters were either $1 or $1.50 each depending on the kind that you got. We wanted the better ones for $1.50/pc but they were out, so we got the $1 ones instead. It was my first time having oyster and now I understand why everybody (including Mochi) loves it so much! It tasted really fresh and now I want more. I plan to go back again just for the oysters next time!

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