Too many friends

Technology has helped to connect people from around the world, but at the same time it has also made people more distant from each other. How many times have we seen people eating at the same table but engrossed by the screens of their phones rather than talking to the person sitting across from them?

Look around you once in awhile – the world is actually a beautiful place.

A dolly makeover

I remember playing with Barbie dolls as a kid with my sister. Actually, it was mostly she who wanted to play; I just went along and had fun designing and making new clothes for the dolls. I never thought about redoing their faces though!

I recently came across “Tree Change Dolls”. What are Tree Change Dolls you may ask? Well, they are basically second-hand Bratz dolls that have been given a makeover. The result: make-up free faces, with handmade clothing – 1000 times better than the originals! (read more about them here) Personally, I have never liked Bratz dolls; they are as unrealistic as Barbie, but worse.

Maybe now that Tree Change Dolls have become popular, toy manufacturers will start coming out with more realistic-looking dolls! Who says that girls need make-up to look beautiful? These dolls certainly don’t.

Running down to the riptide

Currently on replay – Vance Joy’s “Riptide”.

The music video is artistically depicted word-for-word (with the ocean shown when the song gets to the word “riptide” and left hands shown when the song is “left-hand man”, etc.), ending with a video that is eerie and random at the same time. The woman continues to fall apart as the song progresses, with her make-up running and getting more and more of the lyrics wrong. The song is quite open to interpretation since “riptide” refers to either the ocean or to the motel that Vance and his family used to stay at when he was younger (read the interview here). Overall, it is an intriguing song accompanied by an equally intriguing video.

Taylor Swift also covered a wonderful ballad version of this song for BBC’s Live Lounge:

No Sound Without Silence

The Script released a new album last September, but I didn’t know about it until yesterday! Songs nowadays revolve too much around sexual references, with music videos equally trashy (like J. Lo’s “Booty”? What happened there???); but sex sells.

I’m glad that the Script stayed true to themselves; meaningful lyrics and touching music videos are why I fell in love with their music in the first place!

The Script’s “Superheroes”. How sweet is this video? :’)

Lost Stars

I saw the movie “Begin Again” with WY last night at Eslite’s movie theatre. The movie was first released in 2013, and I don’t know why it took until 2015 to be released in Taiwan. Anyway, I thought that it was a really good movie; realistic, even though there were a few obvious product placements (Apple, Pepsi). Overall, it was a great movie.

The movie soundtracks, needless to say, completed the movie. Music is quite amazing in that it can transform the most mundane, normal settings into something emotional and magical. Music can capture emotions, and move us in unexpected ways.

P.S. Eslite’s movie theatre is so nice! I think I’ll be watching all my movies there from now on. It’s too bad that they don’t play every major movie since Eslite mostly focuses on artistic pieces.