Bread machine attempt no. 1

Milk bread with handmade brown sugar mochi and walnuts:



Bread machine saves so much time on the bread making process! Next, I’m planning to buy a loaf pan (the kind with a sliding lid. Pullman loaf pan I think?), and make milk toast! Then if that succeeds, honey toast will be next on the list. :D

Fun, fun, fun~

A treat: Taiwan + French fusion dessert


Today I visited Dan Shui old street and ate street food for lunch. Too bad the weather was so bad today… yesterday was super sunny, and it was perfect because KS visited Taiwan with her family yesterday. I took them for a quick tour around downtown Taipei. In one hour, we walked from Zhongxiao Dunhua stn to Sun Yat-Sen memorial hall, then Taipei city hall, and lastly, Taipei 101.

I couldn’t really do much today since the weather wasn’t great, so I rented the DVD for Argo. Someone also gave me a very interesting dessert from La Salon, this tea shop in Taiwan. They specialize in Taiwan-French fusion desserts, their most well-known one being their milk nougat macarons. Taiwanese milk nougats sandwiched between macaron shells. Delicious!

Very Gross Discovery

(Warning: the pictures that you are about to see are not pleasant)

Never leave a milk-based drink for a long period of time without finishing it.. or else just throw it out.
A couple of nights ago I remembered that there was a bottle of strawberry flavored milk tea in the fridge that my sister brought home.. 3 weeks ago?? She never finished it because apparently she didn’t like it although I thought it tasted okay. I drank from it 3 days after she brought it home and I thought the texture was a bit like jelly; I didn’t think too much about it and put it back into the fridge. Then, like a lot of other things that we throw into the fridge, we forgot about it till weeks later.
This is what happened to the milk tea:

A sticky blob

The WORST PART is that I actually drank from that a few weeks ago without knowing that it had gone bad!!! I was so lucky to not get a stomachache after.. Michael told me that it was bacteria that had grown inside the milk tea. Ewww.. T_T I think I will stay away from milk tea for a while now..

Blob in sink. X_X