Left brain? Right brain? Take the test!

Have you ever wondered if you’re left brain dominant or right brain dominant? According to psychology, the dominant side of your brain can give an insight into the type of things you’re good at. If you’re left brain dominant, then you’re better at logical thinking, strategy, and are rational. However, if you’re right brain dominant, then you tend to be more creative and rely more on intuition rather than logic.

CF shared a link to a 30-second test from Sommer-Sommer that you can take to find out whether you’re left or right brain dominant!

Take the test

My results showed that I’m extremely right brain dominant (81%).


Online Colour Challenge

CF linked me to a very neat site where you can test how well you see colour! I used to think that different hues were very easy to identify, but after doing this test, I realized that it’s harder than it seems! Subtle changes in hue are so easily missed, so that means everybody sees the world a little differently, because we all perceive colour a little differently.

According to the website, 1 out of 255 women and 1 out of 12 men have some form of colour vision deficiency.

Take the challenge and see what score you get! The lower the score, the better your colour vision. You can compare your score against others in your age category and gender as well.

So, what’s your colour score?


colour challenge

My score: 14