Daily challenge

There was a stair climbing challenge at work today and initially I did not sign up. However, because it’s Friday and my three-day holiday to Eastern Taiwan was about to start, I was so happy with my impending freeom that I spontaneously agreed to participate in it with Angel. Thankfully I exercise on a regular basis because having to climb 22 floors (from 1F to 23F) in under five minutes without any practice was seriously a challenge!! Angel and I succeeded in the end and won NTD500 in prize money (oh, the things we do for money), but most importantly I challenged myself to do something a little different today and I’m proud of this small accomplishment! As I get older, I’ll only get worse at these types of physical activities (I am not too athletic to start with), so I will document this day with this short blog post. *Pats myself on the back* Well done, 26 year old me. :)

Just as a side note, I don’t think I’ll ever do this kind of challenge in the future though because my throat/lungs felt like they were on fire afterwards and I had coughing fits for at least half an hour (thought I would cough up blood, it was that bad).

This picture was taken in Kyoto when I visited this past September.

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