I never knew that Edison was such a jerk

Back in elementary school, I learned that Thomas Edison was the inventor of the lightbulb, and if you had asked me back then who Nikola Tesla was, I would have had no idea. Turns out that Edison was a douchebag, and Tesla was a genius! Find out why at the link below:


http://theoatmeal.com/comics/tesla <— I highly recommend this comic! Check out the Oatmeal’s other works too; they are awesome.


It’s very sad how someone this talented and gave so much to the world had lived in a time when no one could see that. He was a man displaced in time. He is like the modern day Iron Man. Edison, you evil, evil man. I think all elementary school teachers should start teaching the kids about Tesla!

And speaking of being displaced in time, I recently finished reading the Time Traveller’s Wife (I’m going to watch the movie soon), and I thought it was a very creative story, even though it took me awhile to get used to the style of writing (run-on sentences and so on), but I guess that writing style is what makes the story feel all the more real. Thank you for the book, Junjun! By the end, I had become attached to the characters, and overall just felt quite fortunate that I didn’t have the time travelling problems of Henry DeTamble. Being normal can be a blessing at times. :) We should all learn to be more grateful.