Saravanaa Bhavan

Saravanaa Bhavan is located on West Broadway, where a lot of other good restaurants are located. This place serves Indian food, and everything here is vegetarian.

I have not tried too many Indian dishes, but my favourite by far is the dosa (Indian-styled crepes stuffed with vegetables and/or meat). I am always excited to try Indian food, because I never know what to expect! The unique blend of spices that they use are so unique and flavourful, even though they might be a bit too spicy for some people. It’s always fun to order food in an Indian restaurant, where most of the items have exotic names such as “Bagalabath” and “Aloo Gobi”. Saravanaa Bhavan also serves something tomato omelette (not the omelette as we know it though! This one contains no egg at all, and it’s very spicy!!).

I ordered a Rava Masala Dosa last night. The menu described it as being a “cream of wheat & rice crepe stuffed with spicy potatoes & onions”. Spicy? Cream of wheat crepe? Yes, please!

Rava Masala Dosa – $8.50

The wheat gave the crepe a crunchy texture, and after attempting to eat the dosa with a fork and spoon, I gave up and started to use my hands instead. The different sauces that came with the dosa were really flavourful, perfect for dipping the crepe with. The sauces from top to bottom: tomato, coconut, mint (my favourite one). The little dish on top of the dosa contained spicy lentil sauce. For those who can’t handle spicy things though, take note: this dish (and many other Indian dishes) are not for the weak of tongue. ;)
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Jean Philippe Patisserie

Over the Christmas holiday when I was in Las Vegas, I had the chance to visit Jean Philippe Patisserie. There are two on the strip; one in Bellagio and one in Aria. The one in Bellagio is the original one, with the world’s largest chocolate fountain that holds the Guinness World Records, measuring 8m tall.

The chocolate fountain in Jean Philippe's. The mirrors above the fountain create the illusion that there is chocolate flowing towards the ceiling.

I have never heard about Jean Philippe Patisserie until I saw it in Las Vegas,  but Milk Tea informed me that they are famous for their desserts. Of course we had to try it, since they don’t have Jean Philippe’s in Vancouver!

On our last night in Vegas, we decided to have a late midnight snack in Aria’s Jean Philippe, which is conveniently located right across from our hotel (Vdara).

A long line-up in Jean Philippe's at Aria

When we arrived, it was already 11pm, and yet the line-up was still so long! It was beautiful inside though, and everything looked fancy and delicious. From gelato to chocolates, the choice was endless.

Candies and chocolates

Sandwiches and panini's

Crepe and toppings

Chocolates at Jean Philippe's

I heard from Milk Tea that their chocolates are not that good, considering that they are quite expensive so it’s not worth the price.

Cakes and pastries

More cakes and pastries


There was a really long line-up for the gelato, so it must be very good! I wanted to try some, but I was craving for something savory so I made up my mind to get their crepe.

Crepe with chicken breast, mushrooms, and Mozzarella cheese 5/5

I think all of the savory crepes at Jean Philippe’s are made from buckwheat, which gives the crepes a brown colour. This crepe was one of the best crepes I have ever had. I was pleasantly surprised that it came with a side of salad (which was a delicious blend of cherry tomatoes, arugula, and other greens). The crepe had everything I enjoyed inside it: cheese, mushrooms, chicken. It was a bit pricey, like everything else on the menu, but it did not disappoint.

Sweet crepe with caramelized bananas and whipped cream 4/5

This was Mochi’s crepe. He prefers sweet crepes over savory ones, so he decided to try the one with caramelized bananas and whipped cream. I thought it was interesting how the sweet crepes and savory crepes were folded and filled differently. The savory crepes had filling inside the crepe and folded into the triangular shape that I am used to seeing, whereas the sweet crepes had the fillings placed on top and was folded into a rectangular shape.

The trays used to hold the crepes are very beautiful too. The packaging is first class here! If you request your crepes to go, they have large lids to put on top of the trays as to not squish the crepes.

Raspberry tart 3/5

This was Milk Tea’s raspberry tart. It was made with fresh raspberries and filled with a pistachio and raspberry filling. The raspberries were a bit sour, and balanced out the sweetness of the tart below. I thought the design was very creative as well.

Tiramisu 5/5

JL had the tiramisu. I tried a small bite, and it tasted like heaven. It was topped off with Oreo crumbles and two pieces of handmade marshmallow cubes. The layers of cream and chocolate below were not too sweet, and melted in my mouth. I would definitely get this the next time I’m back at Jean Philippe’s!

Overall, Jean Philippe Patisserie was pricey; but for the great quality food that you get, it was well worth the splurge.
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Mazazu Crepe

前幾個禮拜我正無聊,沒有事情做,所以就和妹妹去Aberdeen Mall玩,也順便逛逛Daiso,想找一些不織布來做Crafts。很可惜的,Daiso沒有賣不織布, 所以我們就到Food Court去找吃的。 (是的,我們很愛吃。~.~)

在Food Court裏轉了一圈之後,看到一家新開的可利餅店, 叫Mazazu Crepe. 光是看Display 就口水直流了!

Mazazu Crepe Display

我和妹妹看了老半天,好不容易選了一個Strawberry Cheese Cake + 冰淇淋的Crepe. 他們除了有賣甜的口味 (香蕉,巧克力,抹茶),也有賣鹹的 (火腿,雞蛋,鮪魚)。



Mazazu有兩種Soft Serve冰淇淋:牛奶與抹茶。 我們選了牛奶口味。牛奶的味道又香又濃,是我吃過最好吃的Soft Serve~ ^^ Crepe皮軟軟、QQ的, 而Cheese蛋糕淋上了焦糖, 更是有另一種獨特的風味。

不會太甜,而且一點都不膩, Mazazu Crepe把亞洲的味道帶到了加拿大來。原本以爲只有在亞洲能夠找到的口味和感覺,今日在Mazazu又重新感覺到了。下次一起去吃吧~ : )