Happy Halloween~

Happy Halloween everybody!! I know there’s still one day to go until the actual event, but up until grade 8 or 9 I have always thought that Halloween fell on the 30th of October. I don’t know how I got that misconception. o_O” Probably because 10/30 looks better than 10/31?

What will everyone be doing tomorrow? As for me, I will most likely be studying or writing my lab report. I miss trick-or-treating and dressing up in costumes. I guess I can still dress up but there aren’t any Halloween events that I attend anyway.

If I didn’t live in a rented house I will decorate the house and hand out candies. :))

Happy Halloween~

Indulge Living

Recently my sister introduced me to a very interesting website called Indulge Living. It’s a website that sells coupons for various businesses/stores around Vancouver. They have a new deal every couple of days and the latest one was for Beard Papa’s cream puffs. : ) Yum~

I think it’s a very cool idea. New businesses that need new customers or the ones that aren’t doing so well can use this site for extra advertisement as well as pull more customers through some very good deals. I usually go for the food coupons, but they have other ones too such as golf, spa, hair etc. They had one a couple of days ago for speed dating too!

I think it’s a good way to have fun and try out new places/things and at the same time save money while doing it.

Be careful though and read the fine lines~ Some coupons only work for certain locations or during certain times. And also, there is an expiry date (Usually around 6 months).. If you forget to use the coupon after it has already expired, no worries. You can still use the coupon for the amount that you purchased it for, but you just won’t be getting the extra discount.

Happy shopping~

I’ll be back..

Just now, Michael reminded me that I have a blog.

Right. I almost forgot about its existence. I really can’t stick to one thing for long.. But I will be back. After Thursday, hopefully.

I always tell myself that I will find the time to do certain things and then always find something else to do because new things keep coming up. Or I just forget about it totally, which is the case with this blog.

It’s okay. I’ll be back though. I already have the topic for next time too. Coupons : )