Curry: easy to make, takes a long time to prepare

I made curry today because there’s a pack of expired curry cubes in the fridge (expired 3 months ago so it’s probably still edible). Curry is super easy to make, but the prep work takes awhile. Lots of washing and peeling and cutting… The result is worth it though! :) I made a huge gigantic pot!


Off for cheap brunch with grandma now. There’s a cheap and yummy brunch place at Ximen MRT station. I’ll post pictures later!

House of Dosas

On Sunday I went to my friend L’s birthday party. The plan was to go eat near Stanley park then go biking after, but sadly it just had to rain on that day, so we had to change plans. L chose the restaurant House of Dosas on Fraser and Kingsway. I was really excited to try it out since I don’t normally eat Indian food and certainly never dosas (Indian crepe/pancake). I have only ever had butter chicken.. twice.

The restaurant was conveniently located right beside the bus stop so I did not have to walk far. There was only one other table there on Sunday at around noon. The restaurant interior was small, but clean. The server was also very friendly and when we requested to change the TV channel so that we can follow the hockey game (Game 4, Vancouver versus San Jose!), he happily obliged.

House of Dosas - Interior

I ordered a beef curry dosa and one of my friends ordered the eggplant curry. We shared so that we can try more dishes. When the orders arrived after 10 minutes, I was pleasantly surprised at the size. It was a large generous serving and both looked and smelled delicious!

Beef curry dosa $9.99CAD

The inside was filled with pieces of beef and potatoes and curry. I asked for medium spicy and it was just right. The crepe that surrounds the beef curry was cooked just right and tasted crispy at the ends and soft near the center. It added a whole new meaning to crepes!

Inside of the beef curry dosa

The eggplant curry on the other hand was just okay compared to the dosa. It was a bit salty for my liking, and if I come back again (which I’m sure I will!), I will definitely order their dosas again!

Eggplant Curry $9.99CAD

I left the restaurant feeling very, very full and satisfied. It was fun to try out a new restaurant and new food. It’s been a while since I did that! I heard that every Monday is dosas day, and during a certain period of time on Mondays their dosas are only $6.99? Maybe for those who have not tried it but would like to, that would be a good time to go!

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