Today I went to Panos near Dongmen station for lunch with CF and MM. Panos is a coffee chain store in Belgium (according to MM, there are over 400 stores in Belgium!), and they have brunch items, sandwiches, pasta, salad, and smoothies. It’s interesting to point out that the smoothie flavours at this particular restaurant were created by the lady who opened up the famous mango ice on Yong Kang St. She’s also a major shareholder of Panos Taipei! Another fact pointed out by MM during our visit. She sure knows a lot of random but interesting facts. :)

Overall I found the food and place to be alright, but the service was horrible. It took them 40 minutes to make MM and my Paninis. Even the group that came after us got their order first! I won’t be back.

CF’s tuna brunch:


My cheese panini:


MM’s smoked chicken panini:


It was nice to see CF after not seeing him for over a month! Even though the meal was disappointing, the conversations we had were certainly far from that.

The end of another relaxing and fun weekend; I’m now ready to face another week of work!

I love brunch!

Brunch = Breakfast + Lunch. It’s probably my favourite meal because you can get both sweet and savory combined into one meal! Otherwise, I usually do sweet for breakfast and savory for lunch; therefore brunch offers the best of both worlds.

V recently introduced me to “What Cafe”, this cheap brunch place near MRT Ximen station. I had brunch with Grandma and mom today so Grandma didn’t have to cook. She deserves a break.


:) There’s grandma with her new iPhone and the case that I got her from online!

I really should get some sleep now.. It’s 2:22am, and I just watched the ending for the movie “Children of Men” on HBO. The movie makes me appreciate living in a peaceful and war-free place so much more! Sometimes, it’s nice to be satisfied and grateful with the simple things in life. Like being able to enjoy brunch time with the family. :)