Merry Christmas

I just came back from Harrison Hot Springs a few days ago and I already want to go on another trip! It was so relaxing and fun.. taking the bus wasn’t so fun though. For the next trip, hopefully somebody can drive (Mico or James?!). That will save so much trouble. Looking forward to summer~~ Possible destinations include USA, Galiano or Sunshine coast. Horseback riding!! I want to try it so badly. Kaidi and Carol told us so much about their London/Paris trip during the Harrison trip. Now I really want to go there. England has always been the place that I wanted to go to the most!

I went out for Korean food two nights ago with Mico to Jang Mo Jib on Kingsway. It was so good!! Next time I want to go for Korean BBQ. My favorite from that night was the kimchi tofu soup. Now I want more Korean food.

Kimchi tofu soup

BBQ ribs

Mico's favorite - 石鍋拌飯

Very Gross Discovery

(Warning: the pictures that you are about to see are not pleasant)

Never leave a milk-based drink for a long period of time without finishing it.. or else just throw it out.
A couple of nights ago I remembered that there was a bottle of strawberry flavored milk tea in the fridge that my sister brought home.. 3 weeks ago?? She never finished it because apparently she didn’t like it although I thought it tasted okay. I drank from it 3 days after she brought it home and I thought the texture was a bit like jelly; I didn’t think too much about it and put it back into the fridge. Then, like a lot of other things that we throw into the fridge, we forgot about it till weeks later.
This is what happened to the milk tea:

A sticky blob

The WORST PART is that I actually drank from that a few weeks ago without knowing that it had gone bad!!! I was so lucky to not get a stomachache after.. Michael told me that it was bacteria that had grown inside the milk tea. Ewww.. T_T I think I will stay away from milk tea for a while now..

Blob in sink. X_X

小肥羊 Mongolian Hot Pot

I have been pretty busy this weekend with work as well as studying for the final exam. Term 1 ended on Friday and to celebrate the end of term as well as J’s birthday, we all went out for Mongolian Hot Pot at 小肥羊 located in Lansdown Centre (Richmond).

I never had this type of hot pot before. The soup base had Chinese herbs and spices and that made the food very flavorful. The reason why Mongolian hot pot is famous is because they stress how you don’t need to use any sauces to flavor the food. We ordered half spicy, half original for the hot pot soup base. I didn’t think it was too spicy and it tasted better than the original. It looks pretty scary in the picture though! So red.


There was a large selection of foods on the menu. From pumpkin (My sister’s favorite!) to lamb to seafood.. We ordered lamb and beef and mushrooms and tofu.. My favorites were the lamb and the fish balls~

A lot of veggies and meat!

Overall the ambiance in the restaurant was very nice. The price was on the high side, and on average it’s around $25 per person not including tax and tips.

After hot pot we had black forest cake.. Poor J got creamed by almost everybody. It was a fun and memorable night. :)

Happy birthday, J!!