Frankie’s Italian Kitchen

Last night I went out for dinner with Mochi. We decided on Frankie’s Italian Kitchen since I had to use up the coupon that I bought from TravelZoo (expiring October 14th).

We made a reservation but got there pretty late because we couldn’t find a place to park! There was a BC Lion’s game going on at the same time so parking space was very limited and most of them were very expensive (over $20!).

The restaurant itself was very pretty and modern. The ambiance was very nice as well.

Entrance of Frankie's Italian Kitchen

Interior of the restaurant

The restaurant was relatively empty when we got there since it was close to 9pm and most people were probably at the game. We were seated promptly at a nice and comfy corner table. The server was really nice and explained how we can use the TravelZoo voucher. Basically, the voucher came with one appetizer, two entrees and one dessert.

To start, we were served complimentary bread with olive oil and vinegar to dip.

Complimentary bread

Olive oil and vinegar to dip

The bread itself was a bit hard and chewy. I have never ate bread dipped in olive oil before so that was quite new to me! It was not my favorite bread and dip but it was interesting nonetheless!

For the entree, we ordered the beef carpaccio:

Beef Carpaccio $15

The slices were thin and the beef tasted very savory! The greens served on top were also very fresh and tasty.

Next, the entrees:

Spaghetti and Meatballs $14

This one is Mochi’s entree. The pasta was cooked al dente and it tasted chewy and not too soft and soggy. It was tossed in tomato sauce and topped with a piece of aged ricotta cheese (Mochi doesn’t like cheese so he gave the cheese to me). The meatballs tasted handmade and were extremely delicious. Mochi’s only complaint was that the portion was a bit too small but other than that he loved it.

Conchiglioni Frutti di Mare $16

I ordered the conchiglioni because I like baked pasta. These were large pasta shells stuffed with dungeness crab, cod, swiss chard au gratin in a rose sauce. The pasta shells were also cooked al dente and the melted cheese on top suited my taste as well (yes, I really like cheese)!

For dessert, we had the ice cream cassata:

Ice Cream Cassata $7

Rich chocolate ice cream with a thin layer of sponge cake wrapped around it, topped with hot fudge sauce and pistachio nuts. This dessert was the most interesting one on the dessert menu. The chocolate ice cream tasted very rich and tasted more like gelato than regular ice cream.

Everything in this restaurant seems so authentic and Italian! The service was impeccable and the food was delicious.

I am so glad that OmNom told me about this voucher. This restaurant did not disappoint!


Food 5/5
Ambiance 5/5
Service 5/5
Overall 5/5
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