On Valentine’s Day, Mochi took me out for dinner at a nice restaurant in Sutton Place Hotel. It was on Valentine’s Day, so there was a set menu everyone had to get. It was a three-course dinner with a chocolate buffet at the end.

Fleuri's Valentine Menu

Fleuri is quite a big restaurant; there were quite a bit of people, but it was not crowded and there were empty tables, which meant hardly any line-up at the chocolate buffet!

To start, we were served complimentary bread and butter.

Complimentary bread with butter

The bread wasn’t warm, but they were soft and there were three different types: two different white breads, and a whole grain one with walnuts inside. I had the walnut one and it was delicious!

The first dish was an Albacore Tuna Crudo.

Albacore Tuna Crudo with orange, squid ink, cod roe, and crispy salami

Mochi really enjoyed the squid ink, as did I. I think the presentation of this dish is really beautiful and artistically plated. It tasted great too! The crispy salami and single piece of what I presume to be deep-fried noodle(?) really added flavour and balanced out the taste of the tuna and squid. The orange pieces added some sweetness to this dish. This unique dish was a great appetizer and all the flavours blended well together.

The next dish was the butter poached lobster:

Butter poached lobster with carrot pudding, carbonnara, fennel, and micro greens

The lobster was succulent and fresh, and the plating of this dish was again, elegant and beautiful. At first I thought the orange pudding was pumpkin, but it was actually carrot~ The greens served with all of their dishes also tasted very fresh and delicious.

For the main, I could pick between either the beef tenderloin or the sablefish and shellfish pot au feu. I picked the tenderloin, so Mochi picked the sablefish.

Beef tenderloin with forest mushroom ragout, horseradish foam, and aged cheddar croquette

Sablefish and shellfish pot au feu with creamy curry emulsion and consomme, clams, mussels, sweet peas, and curry squash

I asked for the beef tenderloin to be cooked medium, and it was cooked perfectly. It was tender and still pink inside. It was pretty filling though, and I had to give Mochi a lot of mine.

The sablefish that Mochi got was very delicious. A broth was poured over it after it was served on the table, and if you enjoy seafood, this is definitely a good dish to try! There was a generous amount of mussels and clams, and the sablefish flaked nicely and it tasted scrumptious with the soup. The only thing I did not like about this dish was the bitter plant that they put in this dish; I’m not exactly sure what plant it was, but it looked like a skinny carrot, but it was a lot paler in colour. It was some kind of root.

For dessert, we tried Fleuri’s chocolate buffet. Fleuri’s chocolate buffet is rated as being the #1 chocolate buffet in the world, and I can see why! I didn’t get to try every single thing, but from what I had, I enjoyed all of them. My favourite though has to be the freshly-made crepes.

Freshly made crepes

Crepe toppings such as whipped cream and Grand Marnier pastry cream

My crepe with a scoop of vanilla gelato

They offer other gelato flavours (such as chocolate, strawberry, and caramel) as well as sorbets to top off your crepe. The crepes here are one of the best I have had. They taste a bit chewy, and makes me wonder if they added mochiko flour into it? It reminds me a bit of the crepes that they serve at the Japanese konbinya on Robson st.

Here are some of their other desserts:

Chocolate mousse cup

Triple chocolate croissant bread pudding

This bread pudding was so good that I attempted to make it a few days after (and succeeded). Yum~ I’ll post up the recipe if I ever get around to it.

Almond macaroons

These macaroons are so cute; they are heart-shaped (for Valentine’s Day)! They tasted quite chewy, and the shell was a bit crunchy. Macaroons were not my favourite dessert (until I tried Soirette’s). At least the ones at Fleuri were not as sweet as the ones served in the Wicked Spoon buffet in Las Vegas.

Chocolate fondue with fruits

There were many different fruits, such as cantaloupe, honeydew melon, strawberries, grapes, and pineapple.

Additional toppings for the fondue

These are additional toppings that you can coat your fruits with after they have taken a bath in the chocolate pool. The dark chocolate shavings were great, and so were the toasted almond slices.

Cream puffs

I thought these cream puffs would be filled with pastry cream or whipped cream, but nope! Since this was a chocolate buffet, they were filled with chocolate mousse~

Opera slice

Here are some other desserts that I did not try:

White chocolate cheesecake

Milk Chocolate Raspberry Mousse

Pecan brownies

Silk Pie

Chocolate truffle cake

By the end of the night, I have eaten enough chocolate to satisfy me for an entire month! It was a delicious dinner nonetheless. Fleuri was also very thoughtful and gave each lady a beautiful long stem red rose at the end of the evening.


Next time I will go back just for their chocolate buffet.

Thanks for the lovely dinner, Mochi! I had a great time. :)

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Boathouse (White Rock)

Last month I went to White Rock since the weather was so good. I don’t think I’ve ever been to White Rock.. At least, I have no recollection of it!

Anyway, there wasn’t much to do there except look at the white rock (where the city got its name from) and walk around. The city got its name from a large rock by the shore, coloured white from all the bird droppings that was on it.  Later on, people painted the rock with white paint so that it was completely white. At first I thought the rock was naturally white but thanks to Mochi’s explanation, I now know the real story behind the rock.

For dinner, we went to the Boathouse. It was a really big restaurant with three floors. The first floor was more like a bar so we walked up to the third floor where we could sit on the roof and enjoy the beautiful scenery and watch the sunset.

3pcs Pacific Cod & Chips $17.99

The fish tasted great when it was hot, but since we were sitting outdoors, it quickly cooled down and then it just tasted really greasy. The fries were sprinkled with sea salt and the salad was delicious! (More on the salad below) Other than that, there wasn’t anything special about this dish. The fish and chips tasted the same as any other place.

Wild Greens Salad $6.99

The fresh greens were topped with maple almond slices, cranberries and asagio cheese. It was actually the same as the side salad served with the fish and chips so if we had known, then we wouldn’t have ordered it. It was delicious nonetheless, and very healthy.

Prime NY Strip $39.99

This steak tasted really amazing, and the server told us that it is in the top 1% of world class beef! It was tender and cooked just right. Steak is one of my favourite foods in a Western restaurant. I enjoyed this dish immensely.

Bucket of Shrimp $13.99

This dish came with a vodka cocktail sauce to dip. The chilled shrimps tasted quite delicious and sweet. (I actually like it better without dipping it in the sauce!) I think that this is a good appetizer to share among two or three people.

Peach Cocktail

This drink was sweet from fresh peach juice but also a bit bitter from the alcohol. It’s very refreshing to drink in the summer. I haven’t had much alcohol so I can’t comment on how good it is. I thought it tasted just like peach juice but with a bit of a kick from the vodka at the end.

Fresh Oysters $1/pc after 9pm

This was by far my favourite dish for the night! After 9pm it was appy hour, and during then, oysters were either $1 or $1.50 each depending on the kind that you got. We wanted the better ones for $1.50/pc but they were out, so we got the $1 ones instead. It was my first time having oyster and now I understand why everybody (including Mochi) loves it so much! It tasted really fresh and now I want more. I plan to go back again just for the oysters next time!

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Cheesecake Factory

I am back from the Portland trip and I miss it there already! I had such a good time there. It was 3 full days of shopping, eating and sleeping. The majority of the time was spent on the road (sadly). I had wanted to visit more places but after spending an entire day at the Woodburn outlet mall, I realized that wouldn’t be possible.

So the highlight of the trip was dinner at Cheesecake Factory in Washington Square, Portland. I have heard so many rave reviews from friends about the place so I really wanted to try it out!

Upon arrival at Washington Square, I immediately noticed the Cheesecake Factory. Even though we got there at 8:30pm, there was still a crowd of people inside.

Cheesecake Factory exterior

The interior of the restaurant was really pretty. A friend compared it to the restaurants in Las Vegas? I wouldn’t know since I’ve never been to Las Vegas.. yet!

Interior of the restaurant (near the entrance)

Pretty lights

Cheesecake factory is separated into three different areas: restaurant, bar and bakery. After I’m 21 I would like to visit the bar section. It’s too bad that the drinking age in the States is so high.

Restaurant area

Bakery area

Bar area

The server was very friendly and seated us promptly after a table cleared up. First, the complimentary bread arrived while we pondered from their large menu what to order for dinner.

Complimentary rye and sourdough bread with butter

The bread was warm and very delicious! The rye bread was a hit with everyone at the table. We had to ask for seconds.

The drinks came next. Mochi ordered a strawberry fruit smoothie. OmNom wanted to order a skinny Margarita but she wasn’t 21 yet.. (Darn the drinking age in the States!) so JL ordered it instead.

Strawberry Fruit Smoothie $5.95USD

Skinny Magarita on the rocks

I had a sip of both drinks and they were both very good. The margarita tasted sweet and citrus with a kick at the end while the strawberry smoothie was very refreshing! I find it to be too big for one person though so this drink would be better shared between two people.

Next, the mains. I ordered a Factory combination: Chicken Madeira and Steak Diane.

Chicken Madeira and Steak Diane $19.95USD

I was not impressed with the server who gave me my order. The plate was flaming hot and instead of placing it on the table for me, he placed it directly onto my hands. Needless to say, my fingers got burned by the hot ceramic plate. That was my only complaint for the night.

As for the food, the chicken breast was really moist and flavorful. The melted mozzarella cheese on top of the chicken completed the dish! The Chicken Madeira was the best chicken breast that I have ever had.

As for the Steak Diane, I asked for my steak to be done medium rare, and it was exactly that. The steak was tender and paired very well with the fresh greens. However, I did find this dish to be a bit on the saltier side.

This dish was too much to be finished by me alone. I had to leave quite a bit of the mashed potato behind (Thanks OmNom for helping me finish some!)

For dessert, all of us shared a slice of Red Velvet Cheesecake.

Ultimate Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake ~$8USD

(The strawberry doesn’t actually come with the cake. Mochi took it off of his strawberry smoothie and stuck it on to garnish the cake.)

This was the best cheesecake that I have ever had in my entire life! The cheesecake was creamy and soft. It didn’t leave me feeling too full and it wasn’t too heavy. The red velvet part was also very tasty. (Red velvet is my favorite cake flavor) The white chocolate curls on the side of the cake and the whipping cream both added a bit of sweetness to this divine creation.

I will definitely be going back for more of their food, especially for their cheesecakes!


Food 5/5
Service 4/5
Value 5/5

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The Sandbar

Last night I went to the Sandbar to attend a friend’s birthday party. It has been forever since I went to Granville Island, and whenever I do go, it was only for the public market. So eating there was an entirely new experience for me.

The Sandbar is located at 1535 Johnston St. Granville Island Vancouver. It is actually a bit tricky to find if you have never been there.. It’s located behind a souvenir shop; past a silk store, all the way by the water. When I got there, it was just a bit past 7pm. The first floor had a sushi bar and it did not appear to be too busy.. That was, until I got up to the second floor. It was really lively up there! The restaurant looks like a large wooden cabin. The scenery was amazing as well.

The interior of the Sandbar Restaurant

Our hostess for the night was really friendly and helpful. The complementary bread was the first to be served. It was a crusty white bread with butter on the side to spread. The bread was still warm when it arrived and it went perfectly with the bread. Next, my 7oz. sirloin steak arrived.

7oz. CAB sirloin $19CAD

My medium rare steak arrived after a 2o minute wait. The garlic mashed potatoes were a bit cold for my taste, but other than that, this steak was great! It was tender and juicy. The asparagus and tomatoes were not too salty (unlike the ones I had at Mosaic). The bourbon peppercorn demi-glaze also went very well with the meat. The 7oz was a perfect size for me. I was satisfied but not too full in the end.


Service 5/5
Food 4/5
Value 3/5
Overall: 4/5

This restaurant is located on Granville Island so naturally the price would be a bit pricier than usual. I did not feel like seafood last night so I did not try any of the fish or mussels. However, I was happy with my steak. It wasn’t spectacular, but it satisfied my craving for meat.

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