The Boss Restaurant

I went to the Boss restaurant with OmNom and FanGirl for a very early dinner last month. I wasn’t really feeling hungry (I think I had a large lunch that day?) so I just ordered a snack.

I have been to the Boss a couple of times already. They are a Hong Kong style cafe and the food there is relatively inexpensive. If you go during dinner time, the service is really bad and the servers are all really grumpy (probably because they get so busy). When we went at 4:30pm though, there weren’t a lot of people dining inside, and the service we got was really good.

French Toast

I was craving french toast that day, so french toast was what I ordered! It was served with a small bowl of syrup and butter on the side. The toast was really tasty, and there was some kind of orange coloured paste in between the bread slices. I was kind of confused as to what it was at first. I thought it might be marmalade? But I think it was actually sweet potato paste! I have never had french toast like this before, so I thought it was an interesting twist to this standard dessert.

Red Bean Slush

OmNom ordered a drink. It wasn’t too sweet since she requested half sugar. The condensed milk on the top tasted really yummy (I can never resist condensed milk~). There was a lot of red bean inside as well and it mixed well with the milk and crushed ice.

Pasta with Beef and Tomato Sauce

Last but not least, this is FanGirl’s pasta. There were beef chunks and a bit of veggies inside as well (some corn, peas, carrots). It was a good dish and the portion was good too. The tomato sauce wasn’t really the kind that I was used to. I guess since it’s Hong Kong style, that was the reason for why it didn’t taste like the tomato sauce that you would get with an Italian style pasta. It tasted more like a thick ketchup!

I like the large selection at the Boss restaurant. The price is inexpensive and the food reflects that. If you are looking for a casual place for some Hong Kong style food, this would be a good place to start. Just don’t forget to bring some cash since this place is cash only!


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Dai Tung Chinese Restaurant

I am craving dim sum again.. The last one I went to is Dai Tung Chinese Restaurant on Kingsway. The place was crowded when I got there so I was pretty excited. Since there were so many people, this restaurant was bound to have something good about it.

I liked how they used pushcarts to wheel the food around. A lot of restaurants don’t use pushcarts anymore, for fear that food would not be fresh. However at this restaurant, that is certainly not a problem. The turnover for food is very fast!

Overall the service here was pretty good for a large busy restaurant such as Dai Tung. There was a large variety of different dim sum’s and I would definitely come back again. Inexpensive and delicious!

Let’s look at the food:

Panfried dumplings

I didn’t have any of this dumpling. The next time I looked, it was all gone. But I think there was meat and chives inside.


This one is my favorite dim sum~ Sorry for not giving the English name for it.. Mainly because it’s so hard to translate a lot of these dishes into English. This is basically shrimp wrapped around glutinous rice flour, with sweet soy sauce poured over it.

Cow Tendons

Yes, it might sound disgusting to eat cow tendons for some of you out there, but it tastes really good! Apparently it’s good for the skin? Keeps your skin nice and bouncy. :)


This delicious dish is made up of a flaky pastry exterior and a sweet meat interior.

Chicken Feet

My mom’s favorite!

Shanghai Style Steamed Buns

Shanghai style steamed buns: Very thin skin filled with flavourful meat and hot soup, with vinegar to dip! It’s not the best Shanghai steamed buns, but it’s what you’ll expect from a Chinese restaurant that doesn’t specialize in Shanghai style food.


This dish is duck feet. It’s a cold dish and it’s more like an appetizer. This one was also very good! The duck feet were nice and chewy.

Shrimp Dumplings

Yum~ Another winner!


Another classic dim sum dish. Fluffy and soft exterior made from rice flour and sweet meat inside.

Mango Pudding

Dessert time! I was looking for steamed cake but I didn’t see any.

Salad Spring Rolls

A spring roll shell filled with mayonnaise and shrimp. It was a bit too oily for my taste. In general, I don’t really like spring rolls that much. It was nice to try something new though!
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小肥羊 Mongolian Hot Pot

I have been pretty busy this weekend with work as well as studying for the final exam. Term 1 ended on Friday and to celebrate the end of term as well as J’s birthday, we all went out for Mongolian Hot Pot at 小肥羊 located in Lansdown Centre (Richmond).

I never had this type of hot pot before. The soup base had Chinese herbs and spices and that made the food very flavorful. The reason why Mongolian hot pot is famous is because they stress how you don’t need to use any sauces to flavor the food. We ordered half spicy, half original for the hot pot soup base. I didn’t think it was too spicy and it tasted better than the original. It looks pretty scary in the picture though! So red.


There was a large selection of foods on the menu. From pumpkin (My sister’s favorite!) to lamb to seafood.. We ordered lamb and beef and mushrooms and tofu.. My favorites were the lamb and the fish balls~

A lot of veggies and meat!

Overall the ambiance in the restaurant was very nice. The price was on the high side, and on average it’s around $25 per person not including tax and tips.

After hot pot we had black forest cake.. Poor J got creamed by almost everybody. It was a fun and memorable night. :)

Happy birthday, J!!

Aoyama Cafe

A few days ago I went to Aoyama cafe in Aberdeen Mall (Richmond) for a very, very late lunch. (Around 3 in the afternoon!) Why so late? Daiso again. Daiso is always my distractor in that mall.




這個地方其實是香港人開的;爲什麽要取日文的名字呢? 大概是因爲好聽吧~ XD

Cafe interior

裏面有分兩個區域:一個是Cafe區,另一個則是Dining區。 上面的照片是在Dining Area裏面拍的。 想在Dining Area裏用餐,一定要消費滿20CAD。 我覺得他們的用餐區很舒服,氣氛也不錯~

大概是因爲下午3點鐘的緣故,裏面用餐的人很少,所以很安靜,吃飯也沒有壓力。 我吃飯吃得慢,常常怕會有別人在等我的位子。 還好有某人吃的比我還要更慢。(對的妹妹,就是你~):)

我點了一個 “Unagi Casserole” (鰻魚焗烤飯)。

Unagi Casserole

我很愛吃casserole的原因是因爲兩年前的夏天,婆婆帶了我和妹妹去一家臺灣的意麵店去吃意大利料理;第一次嘗到了焗烤的美味。 可惜的是,我不常看到有餐廳賣Casserole。這一次好不容易又給我找到了!

這槃Casserole上面有5塊鰻魚 (藏在海苔絲下面了,不知道你看不看得到?),最上面還有一層溶化的Mozerella Cheese。 裏面則是拌了curry的Pilaf rice和一些白蘑菇加上意大利麵裏的白醬。(英文好像是Alfredo Sauce吧?)

很好吃~ 剛好滿足了我那天的Cheese Craving。 :D