All Hallows’ Eve

Happy Halloween! It feels strange to be celebrating Halloween here in Taiwan because only elementary school kids and young adults celebrate it here. It’s either those young kids who are in bilingual elementary schools/cram schools, or those who go clubbing that celebrate Halloween. Other than the occasional cafes and restaurants that decorate their walls and windows with pumpkins and cobwebs, it just can’t compare to Canada where some people go all out and decorate their entire house and turn it into a spooky mansion to scare trick-or-treaters.


How did I celebrate? I brought in a pumpkin box (Thanks for the delicious Halloween treata, CF!) to decorate my office space, painted my nails orange and black (Thanks for the lovely orange, Li~), and handed out candy to my coworkers.

Taiwan’s Halloween special? A magnitude 3 earthquake at 8pm tonight! I don’t recall any earthquakes when I lived in Canada, but I have already been through ~4 here in Taiwan since I’ve been back this June. Hopefully there won’t be any crazy big ones!


Happy Halloween, everyone~

Orange is the new black

‘Orange is the new black’ is a very good Netflix drama that JR introduced me to this past summer. I can’t wait for season 2 to come out!

I recently received some things in the mail, and one of them was a package from Li. Inside was a bottle of orange nail polish! How did she know that I wanted to do my nails for Halloween, and that I was missing an orange polish? Thanks, Li. :) No wonder you are my bestie. You read my mind~


Celebrating Halloween in style. Bright colours = Happy me! Thanks, Li. :)

Happy Halloween~

Happy Halloween everybody!! I know there’s still one day to go until the actual event, but up until grade 8 or 9 I have always thought that Halloween fell on the 30th of October. I don’t know how I got that misconception. o_O” Probably because 10/30 looks better than 10/31?

What will everyone be doing tomorrow? As for me, I will most likely be studying or writing my lab report. I miss trick-or-treating and dressing up in costumes. I guess I can still dress up but there aren’t any Halloween events that I attend anyway.

If I didn’t live in a rented house I will decorate the house and hand out candies. :))

Happy Halloween~