Cheesecake Etc.

The first thing that I noticed about Cheesecake Etc. was that it had strange hours: 7pm-1am. So when most of the restaurants are getting ready to close, Cheesecake Etc. is just getting ready to serve some late-night customers who are looking for something to satisfy their sweet tooth after dinner.

It was really dark inside the restaurant, and after my eyes have adjusted to the dim lighting, I saw that it was actually very spacious inside. The place was filled with wooden tables and chairs, and there was jazz music playing from the speakers. I saw a piano in the middle of the restaurant too, but there was no live music on the night that I went.

I expected the place to serve alcoholic beverages sinec it was a late-night place after all, but surprisingly it had none. The menu offered a selection of cheesecakes, coffee, tea, and they even had “non-alcoholic” beer! I wonder how that tastes like?

It was a cold evening when I went to Cheesecake Etc., and when I requested for hot water, the server told me that they didn’t have hot water.. they only have hot water with lemon which costs $2.50. I didn’t understand why they didn’t have straight up hot water if they have hot water + lemon. Hmm…

Everybody at our table ordered the original cheesecake with strawberries, and I was quite excited to try mine! The last time I had an original cheesecake with strawberries was at The Cheesecake Factory in Seattle (So good!).

Original cheesecake with strawberries – $5.75

Cheesecake Etc.’s original cheesecake with strawberries tasted creamy, and it was soft and not too heavy. I was a bit disappointed that the strawberries came as a sauce rather than as whole strawberries (like at The Cheesecake Factory), but it was still delicious nonetheless! This cheesecake was a bit different than the ones served at other places, because it doesn’t come with the graham crust. I was fine with that though, since the crust has never been my favourite anyway.

Cheesecake Etc. specializes in one thing, and they do it well. I think that their cheesecakes taste better than the ones at “True Confections”, because Cheesecake Etc.’s cakes are not too heavy nor too sweet. The next time I’m craving cheesecake in Vancouver, I’ll know where to go!
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After going to school for almost my entire life, it is strange to tell myself: “You don’t have school anymore”. It’s true though, the school days as I knew them are over (for now). I no longer have to wake up early on the first Tuesday of September to catch the bus and rush to my first lecture, and I miss that feeling. A part of me is relieved that I don’t have to study anymore, but a bigger part of me is sad that a chapter in my life has drawn to a close. Without school, without labs and homework assignments, I suddenly have all this free time on my hands.

The thought of “doing nothing” scared me, so I tried to find things to do. Now I realize that school actually took up a lot of my time. I used to love reading, but eventually I just couldn’t find the time to read anymore. Now I’m taking up reading again. I have just finished reading “Wide Sargasso Sea”, and now I’m halfway through “Eat, Pray, Love”.

In “Eat, Pray, Love”, Gilbert writes: “Americans have an inability to relax into sheer pleasure… [they] don’t really know how to do nothing“. It’s true, I always feel the need to do something, because doing nothing seems like such a waste of time. However, it might be the simplest form of enjoyment that there is. With all this extra time on my hands, I am starting to learn how to do “nothing”. Next May I will be moving back to Taiwan and starting a new life there, so between now and then, I have decided to use that time as a transition period to relax after all these years in school.

And thus begins the next chapter of my life.