Rest In Peace, Wheatkins

Wheatkins 2000(?)-June 8, 2010

Today morning I woke up to the sad news that my pet canary Wheatkins has passed away. : (

She died of old age.. I’m glad she left peacefully. She was a good companion and has been through quite a lot with me.

We got her when I was in grade 7. So that makes it.. 8 years that she has been with us. Who knows how old she was when she first came too? Around 1 or 2 years old? She lived a long life.

When she first came, she was scared of people and wanted nothing to do with us. After a few weeks though she warmed up to us and became as tame as a hand-fed bird.

We watched her as she changed from a young bird to a mother bird (she laid quite a few pretty little blue eggs back in her younger days although there was no male bird), then from a mother bird to an old bird.

She was still fine yesterday too. The sun was shining bright and Wheatkins was taking a shower like she always did on sunny afternoons. My sister and I exclaimed how she looked like a young bird again. Under the sun she looked bright eyed and youthful, the same way she looked 8 years ago.

I hope that she has gone to a better place. Rest in peace, Wheatkins. You will be missed. <3



今天我們家裏的親愛寵物鳥Bird生病了! 其實從昨天開始就有一點怪怪的,一直睡覺。

原本以爲是因爲Banana走了,不煩它了,所以在補睡眠。 > <”


Banana是我妹妹朋友的小鳥,因爲要去香港玩,所以就拜托我們幫忙帶一個月。 Banana很想跟Bird做朋友,所以一天到晚跟上跟下的;Bird除了忍耐還是忍耐。 ~.~ 但是因爲這樣,也少睡了很多午覺!

Bird不會是因爲想Banana才生病了吧? 原本我以爲Banana走了它會很開心的呢! :O

Anyway。。現在它一直睡,跟它玩也沒有很大的反應。 翅膀也飛不動了! 還會發出很奇怪的聲音。 =(

Bird剛來的時候我還不喜歡它呢;覺得它很膽小。 現在還是覺得它很膽小,但是它已經不怕我了。 我還不想要失去Bird啊~

希望它快快好起來~ <3