Cafe Marche

Yesterday I had pasta dinner at Cafe Marche. The reservation was at 630 but I didn’t get out of the office until 630… So I made MM wait until 710. X-x I made up for it by buying dessert! (I couldn’t buy dinner because MM bought a Groupon) V tagged along as well because I worked overtime and ruined his plans to play tennis. The food was amazing though and everyone was full and happy by the end of the evening!

Truffle mushroom pasta in cream sauce:


Chicken Risotto:


Shrimp pasta:




Raspberry mousse:



Everything was so tasty! It was our first time having souffle, and the raspberry dessert was really unique! The sponge-looking thing was pistachio sponge cake! The raspberry globe was icy and sour, with soft chocolate mousse inside. :) It wasn’t cheap though; it was the most expensive dessert on the menu at NTD350.

MM and I are planning to take mom and grandma there for mother’s day!

A treat: Taiwan + French fusion dessert


Today I visited Dan Shui old street and ate street food for lunch. Too bad the weather was so bad today… yesterday was super sunny, and it was perfect because KS visited Taiwan with her family yesterday. I took them for a quick tour around downtown Taipei. In one hour, we walked from Zhongxiao Dunhua stn to Sun Yat-Sen memorial hall, then Taipei city hall, and lastly, Taipei 101.

I couldn’t really do much today since the weather wasn’t great, so I rented the DVD for Argo. Someone also gave me a very interesting dessert from La Salon, this tea shop in Taiwan. They specialize in Taiwan-French fusion desserts, their most well-known one being their milk nougat macarons. Taiwanese milk nougats sandwiched between macaron shells. Delicious!

Rainy Saturday Creation

My sister and I baked scones this morning because it was raining too hard to go outside (typhoon is ruining all the fun). I think that scones and cupcakes are two things that are easy and almost fail-proof to bake. Even though today’s scones ended up looking more like biscuits, they still tasted really yummy! We made two kinds: raisin and cranberry.


Now all I need to find is some Devonshire cream and jam, and I’ll be ready for afternoon tea… It’s already hard enough to find Devonshire cream in Canada. I think the only place that has them here is the supermarket in Taipei 101. Too bad it’s so hard to make your own Devonshire cream. I’ll just eat it plain with butter.

Did you know?

The “high tea” that we have in hotels and tea shops with the three-tiered stands is actually not how it was enjoyed back in the days. For the British upper class, “afternoon tea” is the kind we see today, and “high tea” is actually the dinner of the working class. The “high” does not refer to “high class”, but rather “high noon”, signifying that it was taken later in the day.

Cheesecake Etc.

The first thing that I noticed about Cheesecake Etc. was that it had strange hours: 7pm-1am. So when most of the restaurants are getting ready to close, Cheesecake Etc. is just getting ready to serve some late-night customers who are looking for something to satisfy their sweet tooth after dinner.

It was really dark inside the restaurant, and after my eyes have adjusted to the dim lighting, I saw that it was actually very spacious inside. The place was filled with wooden tables and chairs, and there was jazz music playing from the speakers. I saw a piano in the middle of the restaurant too, but there was no live music on the night that I went.

I expected the place to serve alcoholic beverages sinec it was a late-night place after all, but surprisingly it had none. The menu offered a selection of cheesecakes, coffee, tea, and they even had “non-alcoholic” beer! I wonder how that tastes like?

It was a cold evening when I went to Cheesecake Etc., and when I requested for hot water, the server told me that they didn’t have hot water.. they only have hot water with lemon which costs $2.50. I didn’t understand why they didn’t have straight up hot water if they have hot water + lemon. Hmm…

Everybody at our table ordered the original cheesecake with strawberries, and I was quite excited to try mine! The last time I had an original cheesecake with strawberries was at The Cheesecake Factory in Seattle (So good!).

Original cheesecake with strawberries – $5.75

Cheesecake Etc.’s original cheesecake with strawberries tasted creamy, and it was soft and not too heavy. I was a bit disappointed that the strawberries came as a sauce rather than as whole strawberries (like at The Cheesecake Factory), but it was still delicious nonetheless! This cheesecake was a bit different than the ones served at other places, because it doesn’t come with the graham crust. I was fine with that though, since the crust has never been my favourite anyway.

Cheesecake Etc. specializes in one thing, and they do it well. I think that their cheesecakes taste better than the ones at “True Confections”, because Cheesecake Etc.’s cakes are not too heavy nor too sweet. The next time I’m craving cheesecake in Vancouver, I’ll know where to go!
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Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan

This is my long overdue post on Wicked Spoon Buffet at the Cosmopolitan. I have been quite busy these days because my mom is in town (visiting from Taiwan~) and also cleaning the house for Chinese New Year. :)

So, the last buffet I visited in Las Vegas was Wicked Spoon Buffet. Again, the line-up was long and we lined up for an hour or so (Well actually, JL lined-up while Kabocha, Mochi and I took a walk around the hotel).. Thanks JL!!

This is the cheapest buffet out of all three that I went to. It only costed $22USD+tax (for a total of $23.78USD) for their brunch package which came with one complimentary alcoholic drink.

Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan

Just an interesting fact: Wicked Spoon can seat up to 1045 people! I think that is more than Bellagio’s buffet and Wynn’s buffet.

Maximum Occupancy

It was nice and spacious inside the buffet. The decor was very new and modern since the Cosmopolitan is one of the newest hotels to be built in Las Vegas. I like the atmosphere of Wicked Spoon too!

Interior of Wicked Spoon

Before we started to eat, we were served water in large bottles instead of just small cups and we also each got an alcoholic drink (Kabocha was not of age yet, so sadly no drinks for her).

Bloody Mary, champagne, mimosa, and water

I really like how Wicked Spoon has little servings for their food. You don’t need to scoop it out on your own because it’s already in their individual bowls. One of my favourites is their mac and cheese. Yummy~ Full of cheesy goodness. They also have cocktail shrimps too! (Third time that I ate it within three days, but I was still not bored of it!)

Spicy tuna roll, Korean short rib, mac and cheese, prime rib, and cocktail shrimps.

Steamed mussels

The selection is not as large as the buffets at Wynn or Bellagio, but for the price you are paying, I think it’s really worth it. The food tasted fresh and the turnover was very fast. They kept running out of steamed mussels and shrimps!

The desserts at Wicked Spoon were the best I had at Las Vegas! Especially their chocolate covered strawberries. Most of the desserts were not too sweet for my Asian standards. There was no fruit at Wicked Spoon, but they made up for it by having the strawberries and also berries to make your own “berry shortcake”.

Truffle berries cup

This berry cup was made from chocolate, and filled with chocolate truffle, topped off with blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

Chocolate covered strawberries

These large strawberries were dipped in dark chocolate and then rolled in either Oreo crumbs or peanuts (the peanut one tasted better). I was scared that they would be sour at first but nope, they were sweet~

Here were some other desserts:

Truffle cones and a delicious raspberry cheesecake

Vanilla bean ice-cream (a bit too melty and sweet)

Raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries

I am definitely going back to Wicked Spoon the next time I go back to Las Vegas! My cousin said that Aria’s buffet is his favourite, so I’ll be trying that one next time as well! I didn’t get a chance this time.

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who celebrates it! Have a good time with your family and may good luck come your way in the year of the Dragon~
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Fit for Life

There is a store called “Fit for Life” across from Superstore in Metrotown. They share the space with another store that sells newspapers, magazines and candy bars so it can be kind of easy to miss at first. I first knew about it when Mochi told me about the great frozen yogurt that they served there so I had to try for myself!

Fit for Life

I went to try it out the first time when they first started serving up frozen yogurt. They usually sell sandwiches and salads but I guess they wanted to try something new. It used to be only $1 for a huge cup plus one free topping, but now it’s $1.49 for a cup and 49cents for each topping. It’s still a pretty good size for the price that you pay though!

They only serve original flavor yogurt; It tastes a bit tangy and not too sweet. I didn’t like how it was so melty though. Qoola’s yogurt is much better in my opinion. This one probably contains less probiotics than Qoola as well.

Frozen yogurt with strawberry topping $2

Overall, my favourite frozen yogurt is still Qoola (good mochi topping!) and the one from Ikea (cheap and yummy~Only a dollar).

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