The Buffet at Wynn

The second buffet that we visited was The Buffet at Wynn. I have heard many good things about this buffet, and I was excited to try it out for myself! I really like the decor in the lobby of Wynn. I would love to stay at Wynn except that it’s a bit far from the strip and pricey too.

The lobby of Wynn

A beautiful cafe in Wynn with a view of a large man-made waterfall

After taking pictures of Wynn, we finally made our way to the buffet, greeted by a long line-up of course. After waiting for an hour, we paid $37.95 (+$3.07 tax) for the holiday brunch. (Next time I am not going to Las Vegas during the holiday season.. I don’t think the food is any different for a normal brunch versus a holiday brunch… Except for the ridiculously inflated price.)

Interior of the Buffet at Wynn

The interior of the buffet was very pretty. The main colours used were mint green (my favourite colour) and cantaloupe. The roof was glass so natural sunlight could come through and brighten the place up naturally, which made the whole place feel spacious and less oppressing than the buffet at the Bellagio.

A large selection of foods at Wynn's buffet

There were many different types of food to choose from, such as Italian, American and Japanese. They make fresh omelettes as well, with your choice of fillings.

Cocktail shrimps, scrambled eggs, macaroni & cheese, bacon, cucumber salad, edamame, spicy tuna roll, and kimchi.

They did not have a large selection of sushi; only three different kinds. They weren’t that well made either, but I wasn’t there to eat the sushi anyway since I get enough of that back in Vancouver. The spicy tuna roll was very good though!

Freshly made omelette, more sushi, and smoked salmon.

The omelette was delicious, and so was the smoked salmon. Kabocha loves sushi, and even though there was only a small selection of sushi at Wynn, she still enjoyed it.

Some breakfast items such as french toast, silver dollar pancake, and Belgian waffles.

The pancake was good, I did not like the french toast because they added cinnamon to it, and the Belgian waffle tasted alright.

Fruit cup with pink grapefruit sprinkled with mint and brown sugar.

Large choice of desserts

Marshmallow pops

I personally felt that all the desserts were too sweet. The only thing I liked was the vanilla flavoured ice-cream. They scoop the ice-cream into cute little ceramic cups too!


Large selection of ice-cream flavours

After we were done the desserts, we saw that a table beside us had a plate of king crab legs. King crab legs for brunch? It was probably because it was afternoon already and they were starting to bring out food from their dinner menu.

King crab legs.. Yum!

These king crab legs were really good! The ones at the Bellagio were icy and cold, but these tasted fresh and not icy at all.

It’s said that Bellagio’s buffet used to be number 1.. Until Wynn came along. I totally agree with that! I would choose Wynn over Bellagio any day. Wynn’s decor is modern, the food is fresh, and king crab legs for the price of brunch is an added bonus! Now they just have to improve on the desserts (for my next post I’ll be writing about the Wicked Spoon, the buffet at the Cosmopolitan.. now THEY know how to make desserts!) :)

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