Minoru Park

I want to go back to Minoru park again!! Yesterday I went to Minoru Park with Mico and sis because I heard that there are rabbits there. Indeed there were!! Adorable, cute and furry rabbits. XD Mico brought along some baby carrots and we fed them to the rabbits. They eat so much and most of them aren’t afraid of people. They would come right up to our hands.

Om nom nom

I really want a pet rabbit.. My only concern is where to keep it if I ever go on vacation?! I want Michael to catch me a bunny in the spring time. I heard from Crystal that it’s okay to do that because the population of bunnies in Richmond is getting out of control.. They are eating the farmers’ crops and so the city of Richmond is allowing people to use any method except guns to reduce the number of bunnies in Richmond.

Let’s see some more cute photos~

Smelling the bag of carrots

I know I'm cute~

I must make another trip back to Minoru park soon. Take me there again, Mico?