After eating raw oysters for the first time at the Boathouse in White Rock, I have been looking for other good oyster places. After hearing about Ebisu’s happy hour menu including sushi and drink discounts as well as $1 oysters, I had to go check it out!

The happy hour menu is only available at the downtown Robson location, between 4:30 and 6:30pm.

The first time that I went was on a weekend at 6pm, and it was really crowded and dark inside the restaurant so I didn’t take any pictures. We ordered sushi, sashimi, nachos, chicken wings, and oysters. The sashimi was a disappointment. It was actually nigiri sushi. The sushi were small and plain and with the happy hour menu, I guess the price was okay, but at original price definitely not worth it. Jalapeno shrimps looked great in the picture, but in reality were just a handful of deep fried shrimps on a huge pile of fries. Nachos were the only thing that filled us up that night. The oysters were great though, and the chicken wings were not bad either, so I went back to Ebisu a second time with Mochi to get those again as well as take some pictures.

We arrived at 4:30pm, and it wasn’t busy at all, which was nice. I found the place to be too loud and crowded for my liking the first time I went.

Mochi and I only had one thing in mind: raw oysters, and so right off the bat we ordered 20 oysters as well as a pint of honey lager.

Raw Oysters - $0.99/oyster

The oysters tasted very fresh, and they also provided Tabasco sauce, green onion, and the usual oyster sauce for taste. I thought the plating was very nice, and putting the oysters on a bed of ice keeps them cool and fresh. Mochi informed me that the oysters at the Horseshoe Bay Boathouse has even better sauce, so I must try that next!

Honey Lager - $3.99

There’s not much to say about this one. I’m not too knowledgeable when it comes to beer. To me, beer is beer. It was good though!

After having all that, we decided to order 10 pieces of chicken wings since I thought it was pretty good last time. I forgot to take a picture until there were only two more left! Apologies for the bad picture. ><

Chicken wings with honey garlic sauce - $0.39/wing

The wings here are different than the chicken wings that I am used to. I am used to eating the soft kind that they serve at Boston Pizza, but these taste crispy because the wings have been fried prior to being dipped in the sauce.

Overall, I would go back to Ebisu for their oysters and wings, but I wouldn’t want to get their sushi and “sashimi” again. There are better sushi elsewhere, but not everywhere serves oysters for only $1/pc!
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Boathouse (White Rock)

Last month I went to White Rock since the weather was so good. I don’t think I’ve ever been to White Rock.. At least, I have no recollection of it!

Anyway, there wasn’t much to do there except look at the white rock (where the city got its name from) and walk around. The city got its name from a large rock by the shore, coloured white from all the bird droppings that was on it.  Later on, people painted the rock with white paint so that it was completely white. At first I thought the rock was naturally white but thanks to Mochi’s explanation, I now know the real story behind the rock.

For dinner, we went to the Boathouse. It was a really big restaurant with three floors. The first floor was more like a bar so we walked up to the third floor where we could sit on the roof and enjoy the beautiful scenery and watch the sunset.

3pcs Pacific Cod & Chips $17.99

The fish tasted great when it was hot, but since we were sitting outdoors, it quickly cooled down and then it just tasted really greasy. The fries were sprinkled with sea salt and the salad was delicious! (More on the salad below) Other than that, there wasn’t anything special about this dish. The fish and chips tasted the same as any other place.

Wild Greens Salad $6.99

The fresh greens were topped with maple almond slices, cranberries and asagio cheese. It was actually the same as the side salad served with the fish and chips so if we had known, then we wouldn’t have ordered it. It was delicious nonetheless, and very healthy.

Prime NY Strip $39.99

This steak tasted really amazing, and the server told us that it is in the top 1% of world class beef! It was tender and cooked just right. Steak is one of my favourite foods in a Western restaurant. I enjoyed this dish immensely.

Bucket of Shrimp $13.99

This dish came with a vodka cocktail sauce to dip. The chilled shrimps tasted quite delicious and sweet. (I actually like it better without dipping it in the sauce!) I think that this is a good appetizer to share among two or three people.

Peach Cocktail

This drink was sweet from fresh peach juice but also a bit bitter from the alcohol. It’s very refreshing to drink in the summer. I haven’t had much alcohol so I can’t comment on how good it is. I thought it tasted just like peach juice but with a bit of a kick from the vodka at the end.

Fresh Oysters $1/pc after 9pm

This was by far my favourite dish for the night! After 9pm it was appy hour, and during then, oysters were either $1 or $1.50 each depending on the kind that you got. We wanted the better ones for $1.50/pc but they were out, so we got the $1 ones instead. It was my first time having oyster and now I understand why everybody (including Mochi) loves it so much! It tasted really fresh and now I want more. I plan to go back again just for the oysters next time!

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