No Christmas Market this year

I have seriously underestimated the Taiwanese people’s love for Christmas. For the first time this year, Europe’s Christmas market will be coming to Taipei and I was stupid enough to miss the deadline to get pre-order tickets online. But I thought: “Well, I’ll just line up for tickets instead. How bad can it be?”

Oh, it was bad.


This was the line-up, or should I say, part of the line-up. Tickets went on sale at 12pm and I arrived at 12:10pm to this scene. There’s a limit of 500 tickets today, but there were at least 2000 people lining up so a lot of people will be going home empty-handed. The earliest people lined up before 9am.

It’s obvious that I’ll only be enjoying the Christmas market from afar this year!


App of the Day – Line

I have had my Samsung smartphone for a few months now, and even though I adore it, I have been under-utilizing it. This is my first smartphone, and it is also the first phone that allows me to access the internet through WiFi. After discovering the Google Play Store, I just went ahead and downloaded the usual: Facebook, Skype, and also Pudding Camera and Instagram. However, I was recently introduced to a couple of fun apps, such as Line.

Line is similar to Watsapp and Skype, but cuter (and free! Watsapp costs $$ now..). I am in love with all the stickers and cute emoticons, and the fact that you can call someone for free, even if they live on the other side of the world, as long as the other person also has Line and has internet connection. Line camera is also really great, with pretty effects and really cute stickers.

Take a look at a picture that I took with Line camera:

Cute picture taken with Line Camera.

Cute picture taken with Line Camera.

Hehe, <3 Want to know what are in those packages? Stay tuned for my next post!

I tried to teach my mother how to use Line, but unfortunately her smartphone’s android system is too old. :( We found out later on that the reason why she couldn’t download Line was because she had Android version 2.2, and you need to have version 2.3 or higher to access the Google Play Store, otherwise you only get access to Google Market (the predecessor of Play Store).