No Christmas Market this year

I have seriously underestimated the Taiwanese people’s love for Christmas. For the first time this year, Europe’s Christmas market will be coming to Taipei and I was stupid enough to miss the deadline to get pre-order tickets online. But I thought: “Well, I’ll just line up for tickets instead. How bad can it be?”

Oh, it was bad.


This was the line-up, or should I say, part of the line-up. Tickets went on sale at 12pm and I arrived at 12:10pm to this scene. There’s a limit of 500 tickets today, but there were at least 2000 people lining up so a lot of people will be going home empty-handed. The earliest people lined up before 9am.

It’s obvious that I’ll only be enjoying the Christmas market from afar this year!


I love my friends!

I came home today to another package in the mail… more Christmas goodies! I want to say ‘Thank you’ to JTran and Jewels for the wonderful book (I love the Oatmeal!! It’s even signed by him, and addressed to me!), and my Starbucks cards collection continues to grow even though I cannot physically collect any cards here in Taiwan on my own.. Thank you guys. :’)

It’s honestly not the gifts themselves that bring me so much happiness, but just knowing that someone out there is thinking about me. I love my friends. They are my sunshine; they make me happy when skies are grey. Thank you for being so amazing. Thanks for being you!


If I still worked at Adams, I’d bring this to work today to share with everyone:


But unfortunately I cannot be there, so you guys get pixels instead. <3