First day of the 228 long weekend:

– Started off with the plan of visiting the cat village at Houtong train station
– Left my home too late, so had to wait for the 10:40am train
– Waited at Zhongshan train station instead of the usual Taipei Main Station, thinking that Zhongshan Station was before Taipei Main
– Turned out to be horribly wrong, and the 4 carriage train was more packed than 4 cans of sardines
– Gave up the idea of going to Houtong (Cat village will have to wait until next time!) and ended up going to Yangming Mountain to view the cherry blossoms instead


It was a beautiful day up at Yangming Park today. It must have been… 10 years since the last time I visited Yangming Park. I saw many beautiful mansions on my way up too; they were actual houses instead of apartment buildings like the majority of Taipei housing. I had heard that Yangming mountain real estate costs a fortune, and now I finally see why: beautiful view of the mountains and the city, cool weather in the summertime, houses instead of apartments. Even though it’s slightly inconvenient because it’s a 20 minute drive out for groceries, it’s still a lovely place. The houses there remind me of the mansions back in Canada (North Vancouver!).