Cats in Miaoli

As a kid, I’ve always been a dog person, but after coming back to Taiwan, I’m starting to become quite fond of cats.

Last night was great because I got to befriend three friendly feral cats outside of a local bar (芳山農吧) near Osmanthus Alley in Miaoli County. The orange one climbed onto my shoulder for pats and to get a cat nap (my heart melted when he did that; I didn’t know cats could be so affectionate!)

Mother and kitten

Adorable orange tabby (I nicknamed him Garfield~)


Love Cats? Then you’ll want to visit “Cat Heaven Island”…

There is an island off of Fukuoka, Japan, where many call it “Cat Heaven Island”. Why? Because it’s full of semi-feral cats.

A Japanese photographer named Fubirai spent 5 years on the island photographing the cats, and turned up with some adorable, and at times, heartwarming shots.

For more photos, see here: Cat Heaven Island Photos




Wouldn’t this be the perfect place for cat lovers to retire to? You can spend the whole day fishing alongside the cats, surrounded by cats, cats, and more cats. The island looks absolutely beautiful.

Speaking of cats, if I ever choose to have a pet cat (I’m more of  a dog lover though), I’d want to have either a Bengal cat or a Savannah. Both of them are domestic mixed with feral, so they have the temperament of house cat, yet the regal beauty of a wild cat. Meow~