Taiwan Trip

Less than four days in Taiwan, and I have already sweated more than I did living in Vancouver for a year. Two words describe how I feel about the weather here: hot and sticky.

I’m writing this entry in the library of my apartment right now. (Air con~ ^^) It’s too hot to do anything at home, which explains why I have not updated my blog for the longest time.

So what have I been doing in the last few days? I’ve been spending most of my time with my grandma and my “brothers”. Not much shopping yet, but a lot of relaxing. It feels good to not have school and work to worry about; to just forget about everything stressful and really play.

A month ago, I told mommy that I needed to do something productive in Taiwan aside from playing all day long, so mommy signed me up for a yoga/pilates class. Yesterday I went to the first class. Gosh.. I am really bad at it, mainly due to my lack of muscles and really bad flexibility. The teacher was really nice though. I think I will really enjoy this weekly class! Now I understand why people like to do yoga so much.. It really helps with body figure and overall health. *nod nod*

Bustling city of Tapei

Eyes etc.

眼睛發炎真的很不好玩。 不知道怎麽搞的,前兩天左眼很不舒服,又腫又痛。 應該是隱形眼鏡的關係吧? 最慘的是這個禮拜要考試。星期一有小考,星期三跟五有兩個期末考; 眼睛不舒服,根本不能用。 書看不到兩頁就想睡覺~~~ 眼睛在跟我抗議。 它說:“我累了! 我需要休息!!” 而我卻回答:“不行! 我要考試!!”

反正現在過了三天之後已經好了很多。 以後我一定會更小心的保護眼睛。 沒有了雙眼,日子一定會很難適應的。 有可能以後會考慮做鐳射手術吧? 這樣就不用擔心隱形眼鏡和發炎的問題了。 只是有一點點怕後遺症。 聽説晚上會看不到?

這個禮拜考完試,我就放暑假了! 今年夏天會回臺灣玩,還蠻期待的。

最近在Facebook上找到了一個臺灣的小學同學。 以前我有回臺灣上小學5,6年級,所以前幾天爸爸就問我有沒有誰用Facebook? 我原本以爲誰也不會找到,因爲臺灣人不太用Facebook吧? 結果還是找到了一個人! (其實是妹妹找到的) 以前網路沒有像現在這麽發達,我們連e-mail也沒有,所以很難保持聯絡。 現在有了Facebook就方便多了~ 把全世界的人都連在一起。

反正爸爸想要我找小學同學的原因是因爲今年夏天回去可以跟他們見個面,結果我跟那個同學聯絡之後,來回留了幾個Messages, 我把MSN給她之後她也沒有再回我了。 算了~  我現在也不會跟她聯絡;回了臺灣再説吧。 否則把自己搞得太desperate也不是件好事。 謝謝某人跟我討論這一件事。 : )

該繼續復習了。 眼睛好了,可以專心準備考試了~