BBC’s Syrian Journey – A different presentation in news

There has been a lot of backlash around BBC’s “Syrian Journey“, which is an interactive news article presented by BBC as part of their digital project exploring migration from Syria. Mostly presented in the form of words, it allows users to explore the choices faced by migrants by becoming a refugee.

BBC’s Syrian Journey

I personally don’t see anything wrong with this form of presentation. Some may see it as a “children’s game” but as it is based on real stories from migrants of the Syrian conflict, I find it to be quite educational and really gives you a feel for what choices are faced by those fleeing a war-torn country. It is merely a different type of news presentation that could make the topic more relatable to its viewers and should not be labelled as a “children’s game”. I believe that we will see more of this type of news in the near future.

My Syrian journey took me to Manchester where I will seek asylum. Where will your escape route take you?


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