This life isn’t mine.

Life is neither fair nor perfect. Sometimes those who are more capable are expected to do more than those who are less capable or just too lazy to do more.

Last night I had an insightful discussion with WY on how our lives are not really ours, but rather the lives that resulted from the expectations of other (e.g. family, teachers, friends). Even when we are no longer children, and are technically supposed to be making our own decisions, other people still affect our decisions with talks like “you are making the wrong choice”, and “this is the better choice”. We could choose to ignore what they’re saying, but a part of us would feel the guilt and the doubt, no matter how small.

There are many decisions that I have to make in my life right now, but so far, other people (i.e. my parents) keep trying to make them for me, and it’s driving me insane. They are trying to make decisions for:

1. Who I choose to date

2. My future career path

I feel the pressure like a tonne of bricks on me. I just want to fly away and find my own little planet. Like the Little Prince.


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