Relaxing time

After 9 months at my previous job, I finally said goodbye to everyone on Friday, and am resting up for a few days before my next job begins. I think it was a good decision for me to switch jobs. Now it only takes me half the amount of time to get to work (so I can sleep in), it’s a big company that everyone’s heard of (so it’ll look good on my resume), and the company has good benefits (one of the reasons why I left my previous job… they don’t have benefits to speak of, minus the very bare necessities required by the government).

Today is the Chinese Dragon Boat festival, and I had family dinner at my uncle’s place with the new baby. He’s so tiny! It’s been forever since we’ve had a baby in the family (my sister’s the youngest one), so it’s a pretty big deal. :) We named him Howard.


Grandma and her grandson.


A simple lunch: rice dumplings, chicken soup, vegetable.


Sweet dumpling dipped in honey.


Now I’m spending the afternoon reading in a cafe. :) I love the simple pleasures in life. I don’t need riches and fame; health and happiness are more than enough for me.


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