M. C. Escher


Over the weekend I visited the National Palace Museum to look at the M. C. Escher exhibit that’s currently being held there. Before I thought it was pointless to look at artwork if they were only replicas and not the real thing, but after the Escher exhibit, I totally take that back! M. C. Escher is one of my favourite artists, which is why I agreed to go in the first place. I was first introduced to him in elementary school, when a teacher taught us the principles of tessellation in art class. That was when I first learned about Escher, then again in university psychology class when the professor showed us some of his famous optical (or in psychology terms, cognitive) illusion works.

After seeing some of Escher’s other works, I feel like I learned even more about the artist, including the fact that he didn’t draw his works, but instead printed them using lithographs and wood carvings. I think that’s even harder to do than drawing! And to make up optical illusions the way he did was just amazing; he was creative and had a wonderful sense of space, and his beautiful imagination never ceases to amaze me.

Unfortunately I couldn’t take any photos inside, but some of my favourite works of his include “Day and Night” and “Convex and Concave”.


The level of detail and the skills that it must have taken for him to create the brilliant works of art are out of this world! After the exhibit, I learned that he not only worked on optical illusions, but also on religion, people, and landscapes (with Italy being his favourite). I loved them all!

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