Matcha parfait

It’s starting to feel like summer in Taiwan now (Nooo!!!). Today was such a busy day. First I took a bank entrance exam (which didn’t go too well), met up with JT’s mom and swapped some stuff (I got JT some pens and she got me almond butter and nail polish! <3), and now I'm going out for dinner with V. Ever since I started to really think about leaving my current workplace and finding a new job, it's been getting harder and harder for me to go into the office everyday. I still do my work of course, but I feel more anxious to leave, and every little thing that happens at work just affirms my decision even more. For example, just the other day, my boss actually asked my coworker who's been working there for 14 years if she wanted to quit, and he'll pay her severance pay. He also asked two other people that question. Those coworkers are the ones who are working for his wife, and he's trying to show his wife that without those workers, she can't accomplish anything. At the same time, his wife is trying to get rid of his favourite worker. So it's all a big mess with office politics and drama. It's seriously a circus show.

Let the job search begin.

MM went with me to meet up with JT's mom today, and we had matcha parfait from Tsujiki after. Yum~



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