I’ve been MIA these past few days because I’ve been very busy. This blog has been neglected just like how Yoyo has been neglected by dad ever since QB joined the family.


There’s Yoyo, eating spray millets (one of his favorite treats!)

Anyway, here’s a quick update of my life:

– QB knows how to sit and shake hands now! He’s a fast learner and is super smart… He’ll do anything for food. So far we’ve been feeding him only healthy snacks like guava, carrot, broccoli, and pumpkin. He still hasn’t gotten all of his shots yet, so he can’t go outside for walks until May. Poor darling, he’s probably bored stiff being stuck at home all day long! Also, he is very cat-like. He doesn’t make any noise when he walks, and he doesn’t bark. There’s only potty-training left, then we can let him play around the house without always keeping an eye on him.

– I’m going to get my own name card at work soon (not too excited about that because I won’t be staying long; at most until next March). I’ve attended a couple of meetings at work now, and when the guests gave me their name cards and expected one back from me, they found it strange that I didn’t have any. I guess the boss caught on. I can see why they didn’t give me name cards in the first place though: most secretaries at that place don’t stay for very long.

– It’s already April, and soon it will be 1 year since I’ve been back in Taiwan! I miss Vancouver, and I have to visit again one day.

– Li recently sent me something in the mail. She ordered a bracelet for me from a Taiwanese website, but they wrote her name down as Linda. So I didn’t know the surprise gift was from her until she had already emailed the seller saying that the item had been lost, and they even said they’d send a new one… then she told me what gift she got me. XD

– Meimei has been baking a lot of bread these days so my home often smells like a bakery (Mmm~). She’s really good too! I love her cheese buns. I recently found a very cheap and good baking supplies store in New Taipei City, and I’ve been buying a lot of ingredients from there. I made panna cotta today (original and black sesame).

So that’s all the updates from me tonight. I’ll try to write more!

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