We have a new member in our family!

He’s white, fluffy, 3 months old, weighs 1 kg, and he loves to eat.

Meet QB, the white toy poodle!


On Tuesday, mom and dad went out for a particularly long walk, and when they came back, mommy carried a little white fur ball into the bedroom. SURPRISE! His bright eyes and teddy bear look were irresistible! He immediately became everyone’s centre of attention. Poor Yoyo… We neglected him that night because we were too busy setting up QB’s cage and getting him acquainted to his new surrounding. QB is such a quiet pup. We have not heard him bark once. He whimpers if we leave him alone in his cage though, because he needs to be around people. I can’t wait to take him outside to meet other dogs, but right now, he needs to stay at home and wait until he has had all his puppy shots. There are so many things that we want to do with QB… Take him out for walks, go hiking, play fetch in the park. Poodles are the second-most intelligent dog out of all dog breeds, so the vet said to not feed him delicious-tasting human food. Otherwise he will become a very picky eater and that wouldn’t be good. But those puppy eyes… *_*


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