I just overheard a coworker telling another coworker, that the lady who came in for an interview this morning will not get hired because of her looks. After the interview, the manager went back to her office and ripped the interview test material. It’s so sad, because even though the applicant had the credentials (she applied for the position of accountant, and she used to work an accounting firm), she did not have the looks or figures.

Geez, seriously, when did your ability to work well as an accountant have anything to do with your looks? Accountants don’t leave the office, they’re not running for some kind of beauty pageant, and it involves skills that have nothing to do with physical appearance. Would they rather have a human Barbie who can’t even add and subtract properly, or someone who has great accounting skills but not so well endowed in the looks department?

I remember from a psychology course back in university that beautiful people have an easier time in life than not-so-beautiful people. It’s so sad, but true. :(


5 thoughts on “Discrimination

  1. L says:

    Really is true. Discrimination sucks. Is this why I can’t find a good job? (LOL ok I know it’s not but)

    At least you don’t have to worry about this because you are beautiful baby <3

  2. kevin says:

    我再想,也許外表就像入場券一樣,雖然能比較順利入場,但入場後跟在裡面生存下去是兩回事。這樣的事情也套用在學歷,人脈,出生背景。 就當作在遊樂園排隊,只是有人插隊而已。哈哈

  3. It’s really sad how things work out sometimes. I recall hearing this from somewhere, that some of the most beautiful people in the world often get things handed to them easily, yet when they lose their beauty, they don’t have as much to show for it. Others have to work hard to get where they are so way down the road, they end up being some of the most interesting, well rounded people

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