One more day until the 228 long weekend…

One more day of work tomorrow before we get a 3-day long weekend for the 228 holiday! 228 is a holiday in Taiwan, and it’s a day to celebrate peace. It has something to do with Taiwan history and something to do with the government and censorship. It’s good to live in a peaceful country. It’s so sad that many countries around the world such as Syria are torn apart by war. Ukraine’s last president was a piece of work as well. However, even though Taiwan doesn’t have the worries of war, and corruption isn’t too horrible in the government, we have our problems with soaring housing price, low wage, high cost of living, and a government that is unable to improve the economy.

Anyway, enough of the sad talk. I’m excited for the long weekend! I really want to find a new job, because I don’t want to stay at my current place for too long. I’ll probably stay for a year (until September), which would already be long enough. It’d be really nice to find a job that’s:
a) close to home
b) higher wage
c) preferably a foreign company, because they have great benefits

It doesn’t feel nice as an employee to work for a stingy family-operated business. I feel both impressed and sad for the people who have been working there for more than 10 years. I wouldn’t want to spend my youth slaving away for them. I know I can do better.



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