Happy birthday, Kevin!

Today is Saturday and as per usual, I visited grandma for lunch. Kevin’s family dropped by for a visit in the afternoon to celebrate Kevin’s 18th birthday, and to celebrate his achievements in the university entrance exams (he got into NTU)!


Kevin showed me a crazy video of these 2 guys who climbed the Shanghai tower during its construction (I think it’s still being constructed?). They sneaked into the building and first, climbed the stairs until the stairs ended, then they scaled the steel construction until they have reached the very top. They climbed without having any safety gear whatsoever, and at the very end, even stood up to look at the view below. It’s so scary just watching them! However, to be perfectly honest, I personally feel like the climb up is always easier than the climb back down… I feel like a snake (because snakes are not afraid of uphills, but also dislike downhills).

It’s another lazy Saturday afternoon. :) Not too hot, not too cold; just right.

I really wish that they played the winter Olympic games in Taiwan! I really wanted to watch figure skating and hockey… I’m so happy that Canada won so many medals this year though. :) It’s a proud moment to be Canadian!

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