Wei Ya/Chun Jiu

In many Asian companies, there is a tradition called “Wei ya”, a dinner right before Chinese New Year to celebrate the end of another year and to congratulate workers on all their hard work. There is usually a draw, and some offices sing karaoke.

There’s also another event called “Chun Jiu”, and this dinner happens right after Chinese New Year, and happens when the company is doing extra well that year and with extra funding to spare.

This year, there was no Wei Ya at my company because: a) the company didn’t do well and b) the bosses were too busy to arrange one until Chinese New Year had already passed. So we only had a Chun Jiu this year.

It was held on the 17th floor of the Sheraton hotel, and I was quite excited because it would be the first Chun Jiu that I’ll be attending in Taiwan, and there was also a draw. For the draw, there was a prize for everyone (some are obviously better than others), and the draw is fair in that you draw twice: the first time you draw your drawing order. The second time you draw for the actual prize. I was number 39, and there were 44 people and prizes in total. Our company buys home electronics for prizes every year. This year, there were soy milk machines, hot water bottles (the worst prize), small oven, and many others, with the grand prize being an ipad mini. In the end I drew a Panasonic DVD speakers set, which was quite disappointing as I already had speakers that worked fine at home. However, the good news was that V drew a bread machine, so we switched prizes. :D <3


I brought it home yesterday, and MM and I are already putting it to good use! Dough is rising silently inside right now as I’m typing this. We decided that we’re only going to use the machine to make our dough for us, and shape and bake the bread in our small oven, because we can get more creative that way. How exciting! I’m going to add brown sugar mochi into this bread. :) Hope it turns out!


2 thoughts on “Wei Ya/Chun Jiu

  1. L says:

    Nice :] My mom bought a bread machine… but she doesn’t use it anymore… she also bought a soy milk machine… but she doesn’t use it anymore… she also has a pasta machine… that she doesn’t use anymore… I bet they’re sad lol

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