A decade

I attended half of grade 5 and all of grade 6 at an elementary school in Taiwan, and last week there was a Chinese New Year dinner arranged by some classmates. Ever since we started using Facebook, some of us found each other, so occasionally (once a year or so) there would be a gathering just to see how each other’s doing.

It’s nice to meet everyone (out of 35 people in the class, we found about 10-15. Not too bad!), even though it’s always a bit awkward at first. The people I was friends with when I was 12 are only strangers now. One of them was my first “boyfriend” (but he’s a player so he liked almost every girl in the class and we were together for only a week). Another one is going to be getting married in September to her university classmate. April moved to the States shortly after junior high, and Annie went to Shanghai in the middle of junior high. And the class fatty is now the best looking guy (in my opinion) out of the bunch.

After leaving elementary school, everyone went on to live their own lives, and because technology was not as advanced back then, we couldn’t keep in touch. I’m quite envious of those people (like V) who have childhood friends of 20 or 30 years and counting. If you’re one of those people, you should count yourself to be very lucky! :)



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