Ding Tai Feng

Yesterday I had lunch at Ding Tai Feng with grandma. She recently recovered from a nasty cold (took her 2 weeks), and finally had appetite for some food. We went to the Ding Tai Feng at Sogo Fuxing, because grandma doesn’t like the original Ding Tai Feng (the one at Dongmen Station, ong Yongkang St.)… There are always too many tourists there, and the service isn’t great. It was nice to take grandma out for lunch, because she always cooks such delicious meals for us whenever we visit her, so it was nice to give her a break from cooking and treat her to something that she likes to eat!

We ordered the meat buns (not the soup kind, because that one is only available before 1130am on weekends), steamed fish dumplings, sour and spicy soup, Taiwanese pickled cabbage, and for dessert, black sesame dumplings with sweet fermented rice. The meat buns were the best out of everything we ordered, and the fish dumplings were just alright. The soup and dessert were good too! I heard one of the waiters speak Japanese to the table next to us. I think one of the requirements to working at Ding Tai Feng is the ability to speak 3 languages: Chinese, English, and Japanese. Impressive!




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