Trust issues

I feel like I have a hard time making friends sometimes, and I came across this article that might explain why:

This article said that if someone moved around a lot as a child, and they are introverted to begin with, they’ll have difficulty forming relationships in the future due to trust issues. I think that’s me. I continuously moved throughout my childhood, and back then there was no Facebook, so there was no way for me to keep in touch with old friends.

I really miss my old job in Canada before moving to Taiwan. There, I had many friends, and many of us still contact each other even though I’m halfway across the globe. However, I’m having a hard time fitting in at my workplace in Taiwan. Don’t get me wrong; they’re actually pretty nice people, but for some reason or another, I still feel like an outsider. Maybe because they’re all in their 30’s, or maybe because I don’t fit in with the Taiwanese culture, but it gets mighty lonely here oftentimes…

But enough with the sad talk. I should feel happy for many things, such as my health and the health of all my family and friends. Sometimes, some things cannot be forced into happening. If I find a close friend in Taiwan, then I will cherish the friendship. However, if I don’t, I will still find reasons to be very happy. :)

Today is New Year’s Eve in Taiwan, and I’m going to watch the fireworks at Taipei 101 after having hot pot for dinner.

May the new year bring happiness and health to all.


5 thoughts on “Trust issues

  1. Although it’s VERY cliche, I strongly believe good things happen to good people. You’ll always have your friends from back home here, though I think once people there really get to know you, they’ll like you just as much! Sometimes, it’s what’s different than what’s the same that can draw people together

    • Thanks for saying that. :D It’s just tough to make friends after you leave school, because work isn’t really a place to make friends in Taiwan (too competitive). I won’t think too much about it though! x)

  2. L says:

    I think you make friends really easily. Maybe not the friends for life kind but you only really need a handful of those really close friends anyway.

    I got your package today!!! My dad delivered it to me after he told me he did something with the computer and ended up deleting all my stuff…. (but I managed to get it back, phew)

    The wrapping paper is so cute!!!! I like the Santa with the Fu Manchu mustache teehee. The rabbit sticker on your post card really reminds me of youuuuuu for some reason. So cute <3 The book is wonderfulllllll too~~ Just looking at it makes me smile hehe. I'm definitely going to do some crafts soon and will update my website. Thank you for the stickers and tape too they're all awesome :DDD

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