Winter Solstice

Tomorrow is winter solstice, when evening will be the longest, and daylight will be the shortest. It’s an event that’s not celebrated extensively in Canada, but is celebrated here in Taiwan.

On the day of winter solstice, it is a tradition to eat rice balls in soup (湯圓); traditionally savoury, but sweet is also quite popular (stuffed with peanut or black sesame).

Grandma makes the rice balls pretty much from scratch every year. Her friend takes rice to somebody who grinds it into flour, then they take the flour and make rice balls. The result:


Delicious rice balls in a savoury soup with meat and vegetables. Chewy, delicous, and just perfect on a cold wintery day. :)

I honestly feel like winter solstice is just another excuse to eat good food… at least in our family. I’m not quite certain if there’s a religious purpose behind the rice balls! There probably is.


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