Happy Birthday, Sam!

Today is Sam’s 16th birthday. It’s crazy because I’ve known him practically since he was born. My grandmother took care of him along with his older brother at the same time she took care of my sister and me (pretty amazing when you think about it — At one time she even handled 5 kids on her own!). If I didn’t immigrate to Canada for 15 years, I think we would’ve gotten pretty close, but we’re still doing okay, so I won’t complain!

Sam is an amazing boy. He’s one of the most positive and kind people that I know, and my sister and I both agreed that his future girlfriend will be one lucky star. If it wasn’t for the age gap and the Westermark effect, We’re both in love with his personality. Non-pretentious, with a love for old songs (he’s got really good taste in music; an old soul), even though he’s not as book-smart as his brother, he’ll go far in life with his optimism and bashful nature!

Happy birthday, Sam. :) I hope that I’ll get to celebrate many more birthdays together. <3



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